Urgent Need for Elevator and Goods Lift Compliance in Schools: CGSP Enseignement’s Call to Action

2023-11-21 10:32:53

“Many of our elevators and goods lifts are no longer compliant. They have been at a standstill for six months or more, and the situation is changing little,” points out the CGSP Enseignement. “In schools sometimes with up to seven floors, this leads to major security and organizational problems (waste disposal, supplies, accessibility to premises with specific equipment, access difficulties for emergency services, etc.) .”

The union points out that these difficulties are added to the numerous dysfunctions linked to budget cuts and lack of staff (unbearable under-supervision and non-replacement of sick workers and maintenance staff, overload of work for those who must supplement… ).

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Lack of maintenance of schools

“This situation leads to a lack of maintenance of our schools,” regrets the CGSP. “Some are in very poor condition while others are deteriorating too quickly due to lack of care. According to the union, the infrastructure problems are numerous and are becoming structural (intermittent heating, insufficient insulation, classrooms in prefabricated structures that are eternally temporary, unreasonable delays for carrying out maintenance work, etc.).

“We are expecting a strong reaction from our organizing authorities! It must listen to its staff and monitor working conditions to continue to offer a quality service,” concludes the CGSP.

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