Sarah Al-Wadaani: The Untold Story of Her Relationship and Journey to Love

2023-08-28 04:02:41 Al-Marsad Newspaper: Sarah Al-Wadaani, a beautician and celebrity on Snapchat, revealed the story of getting to know her husband and being associated with him. Al-Wadani said, through the “Yassir Khair” program, that she got to know Abu Saad through working with him, noting that she made an advertisement for him, and after 4 … Read more

Investigating the ‘Killed of the Two Holy Mosques’ Case: Lawyer Dr. Omar Al-Juhani’s Shocking Revelation

2023-08-27 17:47:05 Al-Marsad newspaper: Lawyer Dr. Omar Al-Juhani narrated, during his stay as a guest on the “One with Jassim” program, presented by the Saudi journalist, Jassim Al-Othman, the story of the “killed of the Two Holy Mosques” case. Omar Al-Juhani said: “An elderly man goes with his daughter to a school for memorizing the … Read more

From Drug Addiction to Recovery: An Inspiring Story of an Imam’s Journey

2023-08-23 18:02:52 Al-Marsad Newspaper: An imam of a mosque and a mortuary wash told the story of his drug addiction for 18 years, and his recovery two and a half years ago. buy drugs He said during an interview with the “Bill Lookout” program broadcast on the “Saudi Arabia” channel: “Two of my brothers were … Read more

Was Saad Ramadan secretly married… and how did he describe the experience of living with a girl?

2023-08-12 12:29:16 The artist, Saad Ramadan, revealed that he lived the experience of “cohabitation” at the beginning of his youth, in order to learn about the habits and characteristics of the girl with whom he will be officially associated. He expressed his remorse because of this step, as it is religiously forbidden and does not … Read more

Saudi Tourist in Spain Saved by Saudi Passport: A Shocking Encounter and a Testament to the Power of Nationality

2023-07-31 21:05:59 Al-Marsad Newspaper: A Saudi tourist in Spain revealed a situation he was exposed to, and how the Saudi passport saved him from prison. And he said during a video clip: “I was riding a scooter on a road designated for scooters, and I put headphones in my ears, and I walked on the … Read more

Overcoming Cancer: Ibrahim Al-Suwailem’s Journey to Recovery and Hope

2023-06-20 20:02:13 Al-Marsad Newspaper: The creator of the content, Ibrahim Al-Suwailem, narrated the details of his cancer, the journey of discovering the disease, and his receiving the news of the infection. Simple tumor “Al-Suwailem” said during his meeting on the “Ya Hala” program broadcast on the Gulf Rotana channel, that when he began to feel … Read more