Prehistoric Flint Discoveries in Mons, Belgium: Archaeological Breakthroughs from Researchers in Liège

2023-12-05 13:32:00 Researchers from Liège have made a major archaeological discovery: Cro-Magnon Man was already hunting 30,000 years ago in Hainaut. It was thanks to weapon flints that archaeologists were able to determine that they were hunting 10,000 years earlier than previously thought. 30,000 years ago, in the middle of the ice age, when they … Read more

Ensuring Safe Drinking Water: Mons Authorities Take Action for PFAS Compliance

2023-11-21 15:29:00 The quality of distribution water in the territory of the entity of Mons complies with legislation, municipal authorities indicated on Tuesday. After the revelation, in the RTBF show #Investigation, of worrying levels of PFAS in certain municipalities of Hainaut, the Mons authorities have undertaken several actions to obtain guarantees from the Walloon government … Read more

Ursuline Nuns Leave Mons After 4 Centuries: A Page Turns in History

2023-11-15 14:04:00 We announced it to you last June: after 4 centuries of presence in Mons, the nuns of Caillou Blanc, founders of the Ursuline schools, will definitely leave the region. There are only three of them left. Sister Annie, Sister Anne and Sister Marie-Pia had been thinking about leaving Mons for quite some time. … Read more

Violent Street Brawl in Mons: Alcohol-Fueled Fight Shakes Neighborhoods

2023-10-28 13:01:59 In Mons, the night from Friday to Saturday was not quiet for the police. At the end of the evening, a major fight broke out on rue Antoine Clesse. According to local residents, around fifteen people were involved. The visibly very violent events required a significant police deployment. Several combis moved. “It was … Read more

Fire Breakout at Rue Rogier: Exclusive Video Coverage and Updates

2023-10-27 12:21:14 This Friday, around 12:30 p.m., residents of the station area saw the Mons firefighters speeding towards rue Rogier. They were called to a fire in a building. of videos Rue Rogier was temporarily closed by the Mons-Quévy police. More fear than harm in the end, the firefighters quickly put out the flames. “It … Read more

City Elections 2024: Discover the Latest Barometer and Predictions for Your Municipality

2023-10-11 14:40:27 In one year, on October 14, 2024, you will go to the polls. This will involve electing your provincial representatives. But also and above all those who will run your city or town for the next six years. Which party will you vote for in a year? What confidence do you still have … Read more