Claims to ban the use of electric shocks to treat mental illness

MPs from across the political spectrum are calling for electric shock (ECT) to be used as a psychiatric treatment to be banned in England and want the practice urgently investigated. MPs told The Independent they were genuinely concerned that electroconvulsive therapy was being offered disproportionately to women, and indicated that patients were not properly informed … Read more

Has the ruling class in Lebanon begun to distance itself from Riad Salameh?

The European judicial delegation completed the second phase of investigations into the file of the Governor of the Banque du Liban, Riad Salameh, and listened to him for two consecutive days, with a first session that lasted six hours, followed by a second session that lasted about three hours, during which it asked 196 questions … Read more

Anxiety dominates European stocks for fear of the Fed’s next steps

European stocks and precious metals markets were affected today, Wednesday, by the future steps of the US Central Bank, in addition to the decline in the share of the “Adidas” sportswear company, after announcing plans to reduce its annual dividends, as the European “STOXX 600” index fell by 0.3 percent, reaching its lowest level. Within … Read more

The United States and Russia Balance of Strength and Weakness in the Central European War.. By / / Omar Naguib

According to a report published in the US capital, Washington, on February 25, 2023: Russia, on the one hand, and Ukraine and its allies, on the other, have vowed to keep fighting a war with no end in sight, according to a New York Times news report. This coincides with the first anniversary of the … Read more

A planet within a planet… What’s in Earth’s inner core?

In his classic 1864 novel Journey to the Center of the Earth, Jules Verne tells the story of two adventurers who descended through a volcano in Iceland to discover a vast world inhabited by prehistoric creatures and explore the planet’s inner structure. But the true center of the Earth has nothing to do with this … Read more

Download the best free anime apps on Android phones and App Stores

Anime films and series constitute a very important space in the daily entertainment of anime lovers, and with the diversity and multiplicity of styles of anime shows, the most difficult problem facing anime lovers is the difficulty of finding a source to follow these shows with high accuracy and without any problems, and in order … Read more