Good news.. Gold prices decreased by about 50% at this time

2023-04-30 00:37:27 Gold prices are witnessing severe fluctuations during the current period, and have reached record levels. In light of this rise, many are looking for predictions The price of gold in Egypt And all over the world, and some analysts expect it to witness a significant decline before returning to rise again. According to … Read more

The gold price in the UAE today.. Wednesday, April 26

2023-04-26 00:15:59 Main economy Wednesday, April 26, 2023 – 2:15 am gold gold price.The electronic portal of the week shows you the price of gold in the UAE during the beginning of trading today, Wednesday, April 26, 2023 AD, moment by moment, the price of gold is direct, and the price of an ounce globally … Read more

Jaafar Al-Omda series, episode 14.. and what will Muhammad Ramadan do?

The Jaafar El-Omda series is considered one of the most prominent series that will be shown in Ramadan 2023, and it tops the list of the most watched and most anticipated. The star, Mohamed Ramadan, stars in it, and the work tells the story of Jaafar, who tries to protect his society from injustice and … Read more

The “Alexandria-Cairo” railway line modifies schedules for air-conditioned and Russian train services

The Egyptian National Railways has made adjustments to train schedules on some lines in line with the dates of the holy month of Ramadan to facilitate passengers during this important month. The “Seventh Day” has provided a list of air-conditioned and regular Russian trains that operate on all lines from the Egyptian station in Alexandria … Read more

A surprise in gold prices today.. Wednesday, March 29, in Al Sagha stores

gold prices.. Gold prices in Egypt witnessed the beginning of trading today, Wednesday, March 29, 2023, stability in the local markets, after it witnessed a rise during yesterday’s trading, Tuesday, amid expectations of successive increases during the coming period, in light of citizens’ desire to buy the precious metal with the advent of Eid Al-Fitr. … Read more

The railway reschedules 10 train times to accommodate Ramadan work hours today.

The train schedules on some lines will change in line with the start of the holy month of Ramadan. This change aims to facilitate the travel of passengers during the month. The Cairo / Alexandria line schedule adjustments include train 921 VIP Cairo / Alexandria, which departs at 19:00 instead of 17:00 and arrives in … Read more