The old man donated blood 381 times in 29 years “more than 150,000 milliliters” was suspected too outrageous…Experts answered | International | CTWANT

An old man in Hubei, China has been donating blood for 29 years and has been dubbed “the first person to donate blood”. (Picture / flip from Weibo) Donating blood is a life-saving act. Li Guangming, a 60-year-old man in Hubei, China, has donated blood 381 times in 29 years, with a total volume of … Read more

Sean McVay’s future as Los Angeles Rams head coach revealed

von Daniel Kugler From Super Bowl champion to disaster season. Hero to Zero. Or to put it another way: The season of the Los Angeles Rams. After the franchise had secured the title at their home SoFi Stadium in February, the franchise has come down to earth less than a year later and missed the … Read more

Russian corruption Europe is not a decree – Newspaper Kommersant No. 2 (7447) dated 10.01.2023

Russia withdraws from the Criminal Law Convention on Corruption. This step is a natural consequence of our country’s withdrawal from the Council of Europe. Legislators argue that we do not need advisers in the fight against this phenomenon: we will already give odds to other countries where they still do not know what it is … Read more

An engineering expert explains the reasons for the inclination of a hotel building in Makkah .. and reveals the chances of its collapse • Al-Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Engineering expert Saud Al-Dalbhi explained the reasons for the inclination of a hotel building in Makkah and the chances of its collapse. He said during his intervention with the “Yahla” program: “The tilt can be due to two reasons. The first is groundwater leakage under the bases, but the architecture is still cohesive, … Read more

Brigadier General “Muhammad Al-Amiri” reveals the reason for his transformation from a “retired pilot” to a specialist in alternative medicine • Al-Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: “Muhammad Al-Amiri,” a “specialist in alternative medicine,” narrated the story of his transformation from a retired brigadier general to an interest and specialist in alternative medicine. Al-Amiri said, during an interview with the “Al-Resala” channel, that I am from the environment of beekeeping and honey in the country of Al-Awamer in Al-Atiyyat Governorate … Read more