iPhone 15|Compare how much workers from various countries spend on labor purchases!The difference between the number one and the bottom is 41 times

2023-09-25 23:35:02 The new iPhone 15 series of mobile phones unveiled at Apple’s press conference have been launched. In addition to the upgraded dynamic island, the highlight of this iPhone 15 is the use of a Type-C connector and the flagship body made of titanium, which is amazing. However, compared with the old iPhone 14 … Read more

Protecting Your Health at the Pool: Common Diseases and Prevention Strategies

2023-07-22 06:00:00 More and more people are looking for swimming pools, water parks, and water playgrounds to escape the heat. However, even if you can forget the heat while playing in the water, you must remember that various diseases lurk. Find out what are the typical diseases that can occur in swimming pools, and how … Read more

Be Mindful of Food Storage and Intake in Summer to Prevent Listeria Infection: Tips from Ministry of Food and Drug Safety

2023-06-10 11:00:00 When the hot summer comes, food poisoning also begins to rise. In fact, according to a report by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, as many as 40% of food poisoning patients in Korea for five years (2017-2021) occurred in the summer (June-August). This is why you need to pay more attention … Read more

Otaku girls, wicked girls, double heroines, the protagonists of domestic female dramas have no place for them | Screenwriter Story_Workplace_Theme_Marriage

Original title: Otaku girl, villain girl, double heroine, domestic female drama protagonists have no place for them | screenwriter story Not long after the beginning of 2023, three female-themed dramas were launched at almost the same time. The mature female dramas of the “Crazy Flower Series” are also on the stage. They are all female … Read more

Dissatisfied with forced overtime!In the employee group, the supervisor burst out the entire row of “+1 to go together” – International

An employee in China was furious because he worked extra long overtime and was required to work during the Ching Ming holiday. He directly yelled at his supervisor in the group, and many colleagues supported him. (Agence France-Presse, Weibo; synthesized by this newspaper) [Instant News/Comprehensive Report]Recently, a screenshot of a workplace group conversation went viral … Read more

The reason why my exercise resolution collapses every time is because of ‘this’?!

A month has already passed since the new year 2023 began. In the new year, most people make new resolutions and make plans. Among them, the goal that should never be missed is exercise. According to the Statistical Brain Research Institute (SBRI), an American market analysis agency, the probability of success in New Year’s resolutions … Read more