Understanding the Symptoms and Risks of Diabetes: High and Low Blood Sugar Indicators

2023-09-09 11:00:00 Rania Amer wrote Saturday, September 09, 2023 02:00 PM The issue of malnutrition practiced by some individuals exposes them to the risk of developing…Diabetes diseasesOf the second type, there are foods that raise blood sugar, and other foodstuffs that lower blood sugar, and in both cases it poses health consequences on people’s lives, … Read more

Title: Understanding Premenstrual Depression: Causes and Coping Strategies

2023-07-20 22:01:58 Why do girls feel bad before menstruation? Finally found out today. (Image source: Adobe Stock) It is forbidden for Chinese websites to create mirror websites. a lot offemale friendsFriends have a similar experience: every time I comemenstruationIn the past few days, there will be varying degrees ofmoodVariety. Some people show inexplicable irritability or … Read more

Gold market sentiment is clearly bearish! Two charts to see the technical prospects of gold, how should investors take profits? _Kitonyi_Gold Price_Trade

2023-06-24 06:04:00 Original title: Gold market sentiment is clearly bearish! Two charts to see the technical prospects of gold, how should investors take profits? 24K99 News Suppressed by the strengthening of the US dollar and the hawkish stance of the central bank, spot gold fell by US$37 this week and closed at around US$1,920 per … Read more

New ÖIF integration barometer: basic mood remains critical; Austrians expect knowledge of German and employment

2023-06-10 08:33:10 Survey shows living together with immigrants rated positively, especially on the labor market; Integration measures such as German courses for working people are advocated Vienna (OTS) – On behalf of the Austrian Integration Fund (ÖIF), pollster Peter Hajek surveyed 1,000 Austrian citizens aged 16 and over on the topic of integration for the … Read more

The benefits of matcha tea on depression

Is happiness found in a simple cup of matcha tea? ” It’s possible “, according to a Japanese study, if you suffer from stress related to social isolation. According to an experiment performed on mice, matcha powder used in traditional Japanese tea exhibits antidepressant effects when rodents suffer from social isolation stress. In contrast, no … Read more

Angle: ‘You can’t take away the hope to live’, quiet resistance of Kyiv citizens | Reuters

KYIV (Reuters) – On a morning in mid-February in Kyiv, high school students sat leaning against a subway station wall, taking notes and listening to Olena’s instruction. Then, a missile trail crossed the sky. Hearing the air raid sirens, Olena quickly evacuated her students to the basement to prevent another Russian attack from disrupting her … Read more