Living with Lupus: Sarah Bukhamseen’s Personal Journey

2023-11-19 19:50:33 Al-Marsad newspaper: Citizen Sarah Bukhamseen narrated her experience with lupus. She said during her intervention with the Saudi channel: “In 1994, she was infected with immunodeficiency or a defect in the immune system, and she continued to suffer from the disease for 3 years, and had her spleen removed.” She continued, “After a … Read more

Tik Tok celebrity “Nawal” tells how she met her husband… and reveals the secret of her mother’s refusal to marry him • Al-Marsad newspaper

2023-10-26 04:16:34 Al-Marsad newspaper: The famous Tik Tok “Nawal” revealed how she met her husband, and the secret of her mother’s refusal to marry him. Nawal said, in a video clip: I got married at the age of 16, and my husband had recently graduated from university and was coming to Riyadh to apply for … Read more

Overcoming Breast Cancer: Fazza Al-Sulaiti’s Journey from Diagnosis to Recovery

2023-10-05 23:37:02 Al-Marsad newspaper: Citizen and nurse Fazza Al-Sulaiti from Hail revealed the story of her suffering with the disease that began with her in the year 1437 AH, after she discovered that she had breast cancer. She continued during her interview with Al Arabiya channel: After the tumor mass grew, I presented myself to … Read more

Diane Kruger: The Iconic Helen of Troy and Her Journey in Hollywood

2023-08-30 15:09:00 The most remembered film representation of Homer’s poem was “troy“, one of the war and historical films that marked an entire generation at the beginning of the century. Brad Pitt’s physique, Eric Bana’s interpretation and Orlando Bloom’s harmony were some of the most talked about and remembered themes, but who really captivated the … Read more

Shocking Tale of Robbery: Woman Shares Her Experience of being Targeted Twice While Traveling in Turkey

2023-08-13 21:16:25 Al-Marsad Newspaper: A woman told a story of being robbed twice in the same way, while she was traveling with her family for tourism in Turkey. The citizen revealed, in a circulating video clip, details of her being stolen twice in Turkey by the same person on two different occasions, noting that the … Read more

The artist “Randa Hajjaj” tells the story of hearing someone breathe in her room, and when she raised the voice of the Qur’an, it was a surprise! • Observatory Newspaper

2023-07-29 13:03:45 Al-Marsad Newspaper: The Lebanese actress residing in Kuwait, Randa Hajjaj, told the story of a strange incident in a hotel room while she was traveling in America. Hajjaj said, in a video clip circulating, that she heard the sound of someone breathing on her friend’s bed inside the room, all night until five … Read more