Living with Lupus: Sarah Bukhamseen’s Personal Journey

2023-11-19 19:50:33 Al-Marsad newspaper: Citizen Sarah Bukhamseen narrated her experience with lupus. She said during her intervention with the Saudi channel: “In 1994, she was infected with immunodeficiency or a defect in the immune system, and she continued to suffer from the disease for 3 years, and had her spleen removed.” She continued, “After a … Read more

He proposed to her on the rooftops of a café in Dubai. The famous artist celebrates her engagement to the businessman (photo)

2023-11-04 13:01:10 Star Charlotte Crosby announced her engagement to her boyfriend, businessman Jake Ankers, after a long love affair between them. The 33-year-old “Geordie Shore” star shared with her Instagram followers a sneak peek at the romantic marriage proposal on the rooftops of a luxury café in Dubai. Charlotte described herself as “the happiest woman … Read more

Ahlam’s reaction after security prevented a fan who tried to greet her during her concert in Al-Qassim • Al-Marsad Newspaper

2023-08-22 00:24:30 Al-Marsad Newspaper: A video clip showed Ahlam’s reaction after security prevented a fan who tried to greet her during her concert in Al-Qassim. And the video explained, Ahlam asks the security to leave one of the audience who wants to greet her while she is on stage. And the video was monitored by … Read more

Outrageous Egyptian Wedding: Bride Showered with Money during Dance – Al-Marsad Newspaper

2023-08-20 17:01:41 Al-Marsad Newspaper: A video clip documented moments from an Egyptian wedding party dressed in the Gulf dress and an Egyptian girl, as he threw money at her. And the husband appeared during the clip dancing with the bride, then he took out a bundle of money and threw it at the bride while … Read more

Signs of Breast Cancer: Learn from Real-Life Experience of Woman Battling Malignant Disease

2023-08-15 14:18:54 Al-Marsad Newspaper: A woman suffering from breast cancer revealed 3 warning signs of a “malignant disease”. Emma Gerchik, 48, said she was showering once and felt a “strange” lump in her left breast, but she ignored it because she was busy with her child. She added that after more than 6 weeks, Emma … Read more

The Mysterious and Fascinating World of Outer Space: Unveiling Dark Flows, Black Holes, Solar Storms and more!

2023-07-28 14:02:26 Outer space is defined as that space between celestial bodies, and contains galaxies, stars and planets, including Earth. This space is characterized by special phenomena and strange and sometimes frightening facts, some of which we mention in the following text: 1- The phenomenon of dark flow: the researchers found that a group of … Read more

Diet Cola and Cancer: The Truth Revealed by Family Medicine Consultant Dr. Ahmed Abdel-Malik

2023-07-10 06:33:13 Al-Marsad Newspaper: Family medicine consultant, Dr. Ahmed Abdel-Malik revealed the fact that diet cola, “with artificial sugar added,” causes cancer. Abdulmalik said in a video posted on the TikTok application that any diet drink contains the artificial sweetener aspartame. He explained that diet cola does not cause cancer, pointing out that the story … Read more

Yemeni Citizens Reviewing One Day’s Earnings in Saudi Arabia

2023-06-11 14:38:43 Al-Marsad Newspaper: Two Yemeni citizens documented a video clip of them reviewing the sum of the money they received in the Kingdom in one day. And the clip documenter said, “Look, men. Today, about 17,000 Saudis are employed,” adding: “Praise be to God, we received sustenance, and we had nothing, so that the … Read more