Diet Cola and Cancer: The Truth Revealed by Family Medicine Consultant Dr. Ahmed Abdel-Malik

2023-07-10 06:33:13

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Family medicine consultant, Dr. Ahmed Abdel-Malik revealed the fact that diet cola, “with artificial sugar added,” causes cancer.

Abdulmalik said in a video posted on the TikTok application that any diet drink contains the artificial sweetener aspartame.

He explained that diet cola does not cause cancer, pointing out that the story boils down to the WHO classification of aspartame as a carcinogen, and diet cola contains a percentage of this substance.

And he indicated that if a person was exposed to a large percentage of aspartame, about 40 grams, or drank about 10 cans per day, he might be at risk of developing cancer, but eating a can per day does not cause cancer.

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