Remembering the Legacy of Brazilian Fitness Influencer, Larisa Borges

2023-08-31 12:51:20
Surprisingly, the Brazilian fitness influencer, Larisa Borges, passed away at the age of 33, after suffering a double heart attack.

Borges was transferred to the hospital on August 20, after suffering a heart attack in the town of Gramuda, and she stayed for a week in a coma until she died, according to what was reported by the British “Daily Mail”.

For its part, the family said that her daughter fought bravely for her life, while many of her followers expressed their shock at her departure, as it was sudden, and before her crisis she interacted with them normally.

The Brazilian influencer is followed by 33,000 people through her Instagram account, where she shares her travels, health and fitness content with her fans.

A few days before her heart attack, the influencer posted various photos of her, looking elegant. (Arabic)

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