The Impact of Pesticide Exposure on Male Fertility: A Recent Study Revealed

2023-11-19 07:36:21 Al-Marsad newspaper: A recent study revealed that exposure to pesticides reduces sperm concentration in adult men around the world. Pesticide The study stressed the need to reduce exposure to the two types of pesticides under study, to preserve male fertility. The researchers noted that other studies have shown that semen quality is declining … Read more

To avoid expensive sperm banks, women are looking for donors… on Facebook

2023-11-16 17:02:36 In the United States, using a sperm bank can be very expensive. A single bottle can cost more than $1,000. This situation would push more and more women to circumvent this system, reports Business Insider. Facebook groups have even been created to be able to communicate with sperm donors who do not ask … Read more

Breakthrough Achievement in Science: Israeli Scientists Successfully Create Human Embryos without Using Traditional Reproductive Components

2023-09-09 03:00:30 A milestone in science Israeli scientists create human embryos without using eggs or sperm successfully ———- Follow TNN World through various channels at Facebook: Website : Youtube : TikTok : #Israel #sperm #ovaries #uterus #Stemcells #Science #TNNWorldNews #TNNOnline #Foreign news #News #Foreign 1694391964 #Innovative #Israel #successfully #creates #human #embryos #eggs #sperm #TNN #World

IUI: The Effective Treatment Method for Infertility at Millennium IVF Clinic

2023-08-23 07:07:00 This time the way treatment center websiteinfertile will provide information about the injectionspermenteruterine cavity Also known as IUI, which is one treatment method. That can increase the chances of having children. And it is interesting for couples who are infertile and want to have children successfully, although many people are more familiar … Read more

“Obstetrician Accused of Using Own Sperm Dies in Self-Made Plane Crash”

2023-06-01 04:47:22 Morris Wortman, a 72-year-old obstetrician and gynecologist in New York, USA, was flying a self-made plane on the 28th when his body suddenly disintegrated in the air, and eventually he and the pilot Earl Luce Jr both crashed and died. (Photo/Facebook/Morris Wortman, 1440 Daily Digest) An American obstetrician and gynecologist has been accused … Read more

“Male Infertility and Sexual Dysfunction: Understanding the Causes and Treatments for Successful Conception”

2023-05-09 01:58:22 Male infertility is not only a problem of sperm quality!Doctor roll call: beware of “this problem” causing trouble 38-year-old Xiao Lin and his wife have been married for more than a year and have always wanted to have a child. During the pregnancy preparation period, even though hormone adjustment drugs were used to … Read more

“Insulin, Glucose, and Reproductive Health: How to Optimize Insulin and Glucose Levels for Fertility”

2023-05-04 11:00:00 Books – Hossam Al Shaqoury Thursday, May 04, 2023 02:00 PM Insulin is a hormone that aids in absorption glucose in tissues and participates in glucose homeostasis. The function of this hormone appears to be very different from its association with reproductive health. . Energy is stored primarily in the form of fat … Read more