The Bank of Latvia announced when the ECB may start cutting interest rates

“I think this will start to happen at the beginning of the summer,” Kazaks said, while emphasizing that rate cuts will be carried out carefully, gradually, as the economy responds, and that rates should not be expected to return to zero. He also noted that, according to financial market forecasts, a rate cut is expected … Read more

〈U.S. stocks in early trading〉The market cheers for interest rate cuts subsided and major indexes were mixed | Anue Juheng-U.S. Stock Radar

2023-12-15 14:53:56 Major U.S. stock indexes were mixed on Friday (15th) after Federal Reserve (Fed) officials said it was still too early to talk about an interest rate cut in March next year, which dampened recent market optimism. before deadline,Dow Jones Industrial Averagefell nearly 60 points or nearly 0.2%,Nasdaq Composite Indexrose more than 40 points … Read more

The Impact of Pesticide Exposure on Male Fertility: A Recent Study Revealed

2023-11-19 07:36:21 Al-Marsad newspaper: A recent study revealed that exposure to pesticides reduces sperm concentration in adult men around the world. Pesticide The study stressed the need to reduce exposure to the two types of pesticides under study, to preserve male fertility. The researchers noted that other studies have shown that semen quality is declining … Read more

Colombia’s Rising Cocaine Trade Threatens Oil Dominance: A Comprehensive Report

2023-09-16 04:18:56 It is expected that cocaine will replace oil as Colombia’s largest export commodity as soon as this year. Pictured is a coca farm in Colombia. (Bloomberg) [Financial Channel/Comprehensive Report]As the government of Colombian President Gustavo Petro becomes more relaxed on drug policies, and Colombian oil exports decline in the first half of 2023, … Read more

AI becomes BI (sad)!The main culprit is self-dealer’s heavy selling-Free Finance and Economics

2023-08-13 03:43:04 AI becomes BI (sad), and self-employed dealers become the culprit. (The picture is taken from Kimo Stock Market) [Reporter Zhang Huiwen/Taipei Report]Recently, AI concept stocks have retreated sharply, and many investors have lamented that “AI has changed to BI (sorrowful)”! It is observed that AI overselling mainly comes from self-employed operators, including Wistron … Read more

ICT exports in April, 35.9% compared to the previous year… Decline for 10 consecutive months

2023-05-15 04:55:38 April exports of 12.77 billion dollars… Semiconductor exports 40.5% due to weakening ICT demand↓ A test run of the ‘ICT Convergence Electric Propulsion Smart Ship’ equipped with Hyundai Heavy Industries Group’s electric propulsion solution. (Photo = Hyundai Heavy Industries Group) [서울파이낸스 이도경 기자] The Ministry of Science and ICT announced on the 15th … Read more

Gold is declining globally and awaits inflation data

date of publication : Thursday 09:12 2023-1-12 view – monitor Gold prices stabilized globally, today, Thursday, after touching their highest levels in 8 months, yesterday, Wednesday. Investors are looking forward to inflation data that may affect the course of monetary policy of the Federal Reserve (US Central Bank). And gold settled in spot transactions at … Read more