Caroline Receveur’s Inspiring Cancer Journey: From Diagnosis to Hope for Remission

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The Science of Extra Virgin Olive Oil: From Harvest to Storage

2023-11-07 17:13:00 Another important data found on many sites is the time that elapses between the harvest and the production of oil and which, according to specialists, should not exceed a few hours so that the products maintain their freshness and their phenol content. . California, which has only been mass producing extra virgin olive … Read more

Revolutionary Discovery: Shellfish Cancers Spread like Viruses for Centuries – Potential Game Changer in Human Cancer Treatment

2023-10-12 17:10:04 Scientists have discovered cancers that have been spreading like viruses for centuries among species of shellfish, a revolutionary discovery that could change the way cancer is treated in humans. A study found two strains of an ancient form of leukemia-like cancer that has been spreading silently among shellfish for centuries. According to the … Read more

The incidence of cancer cases has doubled in France since the 1990s

2023-07-27 11:33:24 “When we look at the evolution of cancer, we observe that there is a regular increase in the number of new cases”, explains Dr. Defossez. “When we reason in number of cases, we realize that this increase must be moderated by demographic changes”. Between 1990 and 2023, the French population has greatly increased. … Read more

HOPO 14-1: A Revolutionary Drug for Removing Radioactive Particles and Toxic Metals

2023-08-02 08:14:00 When Russian forces occupied the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant in Ukraine more than a year ago, each side accused the other of recklessness and sabotage that could damage the facility and cause a nuclear accident. Now, after three decades of research and development, scientists are testing a drug that could help remove radioactive … Read more

Passive Vaping Dangers: Effects on Health of Non-Smokers

2023-04-16 09:22:58 Vaping is very common in the 18-24 age group. Its effects on health are the subject of much discussion. But what about the repercussions on non-smokers who rub shoulders with vaping enthusiasts? A 2017-2018 study indicates that 16% of adults in 12 European countries were exposed to e-cigarette aerosols indoors. Is the exhaled … Read more

Our cancer research

To be effective against cancer, it is necessary to implement a therapeutic arsenal combining different types of treatment. Our research teams are developing increasingly sophisticated molecules capable of directly attacking and destroying cancer cells (molecular oncology), or of exploiting the full power of the immune system (immuno-oncology) to support the mechanisms of self-defense of the … Read more

New treatment method can damage the heart function – Heilpraxis

Cancer therapy: Changes in the cardiovascular system possible In the CAR-T-Zell-Therapie It is a form of immunotherapy that targets certain cancers is used. This is intended to direct the body’s own defense or immune system against the tumor cells again. Experts now report that this treatment method damage heart function can. The CAR-T cell therapy … Read more