The 7 most haunted places on the planet are chilling to hear

2023-12-20 01:15:00

1. Pluckey Village – England: A famous haunted village in England, with many spooky black spots, such as Fright Corner and Screaming Woods. Guinness World Records records it as “the most haunted village in England”. Villagers often go through horror experiences at spooky location hey, especially during the Halloween season.2. Riddle House – USA: Funeral house in Florida, USA, famous for mysterious phenomena and the ghost of a servant. Joseph, a former employee of the Riddle family, was said to have hung himself in the attic and attacked men who entered it.3. Moundsville Prison – USA: Prison in West Virginia, built from 1876 to 1995, where thousands of prisoners died. Many famous ghosts, including Shadow Man. People organize ghost hunting tours at night for tourists.4. Stull Cemetery – USA: Is one of the The most haunted place on the planet, cemeteries in Kansas exist many horror stories, including many murders and people hanging without finding the killer. There are rumors that this place is one of the seven gates of hell in America.5. Shades of Death Road – USA: Death Road in New Jersey, with many stories about murder cases and ghosts. There is a dead end on Lenape Lane famous for its fog and mysterious white light.6. Mary King’s Dead End – Scotland: An ancient alley in Edinburgh, Scotland, famous for its ghost stories and ghosts of plague victims. Tourists often encounter the supernatural like laughter and footsteps.7. Aokigahara Forest – Japan: Famous for its high frequency of suicides. There are rumors about ghosts and the souls of people who committed suicide. This forest is said to be inspired by the novel “Kuroi Jukai”.We invite readers to watch more videos: “Haunted” stories about “cursed forests” in Japan.

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