Report: Israel offers week-long ceasefire in Gaza war

2023-12-20 01:24:30

According to a media report, Israel has offered another break in fighting of at least a week in negotiations to release more hostages from the Gaza Strip. As the news portal “Axios” reported on Wednesday night, citing two Israeli officials and another informed source, Israel expects the Islamist Hamas to release more than three dozen hostages in return.

Israel’s President Izchak Herzog had promised a new break in fighting the day before. “Israel is ready for a further humanitarian pause and additional humanitarian assistance to enable the release of hostages,” he told diplomats, according to a spokesman.

Israel’s proposal for a ceasefire of at least a week in return for the release of around 40 hostages was made through the mediator Qatar, the news portal reported. It is about the remaining women, men over 60 years of age and other hostages still held in Gaza who are sick or seriously injured and in urgent need of medical help, it said.

It is Israel’s first proposal since a week-long ceasefire expired last month, Axios reported. 105 hostages were released. In return, Israel released 240 Palestinian prisoners from Israeli prisons.

Media reported on Monday that Mossad chief David Barnea was discussing new negotiations with Hamas with CIA Director William Burns and Qatari Prime Minister Abdulrahman Al Thani in Warsaw. The terrorist organization had actually previously said that it did not want to conduct any negotiations without an end to Israel’s hostilities. According to Israeli estimates, at least 109 hostages are currently being held in the Gaza Strip. Hamas is also not releasing the bodies of several kidnapped people.

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