Miraculous Desert Rescue: A Tale of Hope and Survival

2023-10-15 05:49:10

Al-Marsad newspaper: The Saudi Channel highlighted the story of the rescue of a citizen and his son after they lost their way in a desert area and lost hope in life.

The report stated: Bandar’s health condition no longer had the strength and endurance, and the reality of his condition was that “surrendering to God’s command is all I have.”

For his part, citizen “Bandar” said: “I saw a slight light, and after about an hour while I was sitting, the car of the Injad search and rescue team appeared.”

The report indicated: The rescue team arrived at Bandar and it was believed that he had reached his last breath, pointing out: Bandar was concerned about his son Abdullah.

The citizen explained: When the rescue team came, Abdullah was not with me and I knew nothing about him. I sent him and told him to go to the car because I did not want him to see me in this condition, and I was submitting my soul to God’s hands.

The citizen continued: The rescue team transferred us to the hospital, and I sat there for 24 hours, from morning to afternoon.

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