The well-known artist breaks her silence… Has her health deteriorated due to cancer?

In response to rumors of her deteriorating health due to cancer, actress Somaya El Alfy revealed that she is currently in good health after fully recovering from the disease. In televised statements, on an Egyptian satellite channel, she denied the rumors circulating about the deterioration of her health due to cancer, saying: “A year has … Read more

“She sleeps under my house.” The dancer, Berlanty Amer, breaks her silence and reveals what is hidden in her relationship with “Saad Al-Saghir.”

Al-Marsad Newspaper: The dancer Berlanty Amer broke her silence to respond to the statements of the popular artist Saad Al-Saghir, in which he said that he had no relationship with Berlanty and never married her. And she revealed, through a post on her Facebook account, that Al-Saghir had returned to his first ex-wife, the dancer, … Read more

Sergio Díaz graduated from Nursing in Internal Medicine and Intensive Care – El Sol de Durango

One of the most exciting moments of our lives, without a doubt, is when our graduation day arrives, especially in some specialty, as it was for the Nursing graduate, Sergio Díaz Leyva, who recently received his intern letter , through a graduation ceremony, for having successfully completed the Nursing Specialty in Internal Medicine and Intensive … Read more

Leyla Chihuan | former parliamentarian graduated at the age of 47: what career did the former congresswoman study for | Former Congressman | University Career | show business

Leyla Chihuan finished his university studies and so he let him see this last Saturday, December 10. The former congresswoman and former volleyball player was quite excited, even she was seen wearing a cap and gown at a ceremony with her classmates. For this reason and to share your joy, chihuan47, shared a photo in … Read more

Angham breaks her silence and reveals the details of her illness and the latest developments in her health condition

Al-Marsad Newspaper: The Egyptian singer, Angham, revealed the latest developments in her health after undergoing surgery and suffering complications. And she said during her intervention with the “Al-Hekaya” program: “What I came across was not easy, and I did not pass it except with love and invitations.” Explaining that she is now in the recovery … Read more

He invited his father to his graduation on the day of the Argentina game: the answer

A father he was outraged on the other side of the mountain range upon learning that his daughter’s graduation is at the same time of the Argentina-Mexico duel for the World Cupa key duel for the future of the ‘albiceleste’ in Qatar. The father made it clear to his eldest daughter that could not attend … Read more