Tears flowing, ‘Bum Panadda’ sends adopted child to graduate from medical school. I’ve helped you, but you don’t have money to study.

2023-10-11 15:17:00

Bum Panadda, host and actor Who is still a volunteer to help society often. Most recently, 10 October 2023, Bum has come out to tell good news. Because after supporting and helping Nong Praew, Nong Praew eventually graduated from the Faculty of Medicine. Ramathibodi Hospital, Mahidol University

Bum posted a clip on the day of Nong Praew’s graduation ceremony. which Nong Praew promised to wear a gown to come see The first glimpse when Nong Praew walked in. Bum had tears flowing.

“Thank you for making it work. Thank you for fighting until today. Next, I have to take care of others, take care of the sick, to the utmost, and continue to look for my future.”

Facebook: A little girl on a cold mountaintop. It is revealed that Nong Praew is the sixth adopted child that Bum has adopted. As Bum once told in the Tee Tai Krua program that Nong Praew wrote a letter to Bum. and said that he was a student with a grade of 4.00, was the leader of the class and studied hard, driving more than 80 km to go to school. One day, Nong Praew’s father had kidney disease. and have no money to send to study Nong Phae Rue has a dream of becoming a doctor to treat her father. I feel like the world is very dark.

So Bum drove to see Nong Praew in Suphanburi. And told the teacher not to tell Nong Praew yet because it would be a surprise. When Nong Praew saw Bum, she was confused, and Bum asked how tired she was. The younger one immediately let out a cheer. Bum then told Nong Praew to study to the utmost. And Bum will send Nong Praew to study whatever he wants to study.

Nong Praew currently graduated from the Faculty of Medicine. Ramathibodi Hospital Medical emergency branch Mahidol University works as an emergency physician at the emergency room at Bang Phli Hospital.

Bum has a total of 9 dependent children and Bum says he is happy to be a provider. I will adopt my child as long as I can give it to him and give it to the people. If Bum is still strong, his reputation will help others and he will be happy.

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