Joelle Mardinian breaks her silence.. Did she separate from her husband?

2023-09-29 19:31:15
After an absence for days, Lebanese beauty expert Joelle Mardinian returned to her usual activity on her Instagram account.

News had spread about her divorce from her husband, Kamal Kaddoura, because he cheated on her with a blonde woman on a yacht in Saint-Tropez.

This news began to spread after “Jewel” posted a black photo, which she commented on, saying: “Life is crazy, how can the best day turn into the worst day! I will be away from Instagram for a very long time, and I wish you all only beautiful days.”

What increased the frequency of these rumors was that Joel deleted all the photos of her with her husband, and continued to publish blogs that expressed her strength and resilience.

However, Joelle revealed that a normal dispute occurred between them while they were on a family trip, stressing that matters did not lead to divorce or betrayal. She ridiculed the rumors circulating about her husband cheating on her, as she confirmed that they did not travel to Saint-Tropez this year due to a malfunction in their boat.

She said that she would not accept staying with her husband if he cheated on her, especially since she does not depend on him financially, and she is not weak in character, just as she is not a woman who cannot find anyone to propose to her.

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