8 health benefits of drinking blue tea, including weight loss and hair growth…and revealing how to prepare it

Al-Marsad Newspaper: A report published by the specialized medical website “onlymyhealth” revealed the health benefits of blue tea, which is derived from pea flowers. Here are 8 health benefits of blue tea: 1 – Good for diabetics It helps control blood sugar levels and reduces the risk of diabetes and related diseases because it is … Read more

Watch… a “content” maker reveals the food meals that were distributed to students 44 years ago… and the countries that imported them

Al-Marsad Newspaper: A content maker revealed the school meals that were distributed to students in the Kingdom 44 years ago. And he said during a video clip via the TikTok application: “These meals began to be distributed in 1391, and stopped in 1400 AH, and they were distributed at the beginning of the second session, … Read more

Including the prevention of cancer .. A “doctor” enumerates the benefits of eating dried fig infusion on an empty stomach

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Dr. Sawsan Ghazal, a nutrition expert, revealed the benefits of eating dried fig infusion on an empty stomach. Benefits drenched fig dried And she said, during a post on her official page on the social networking site Facebook: “There are many benefits of soaking dried figs on an empty stomach, including avoiding cancer … Read more

Including laughter and gifts.. Factors that enhance the mental health of the spouses

Individuals looking for marriageto build their independent home and their dream of a decent life among their children and families, so feelings of affection and love must spread between the walls of the same house. In this regard, the National Center for the Promotion of Mental Health clarified that there are factors that enhance the … Read more

The Saudi Central Bank announces the launch of a new banking service…and reveals its purpose

Al-Marsad Newspaper: The Saudi Central Bank announced the launch of the Open Banking Lab in accordance with the Open Banking Framework, which was issued by the Central Bank in November 2022. The Open Banking Lab is considered one of the most important technical capabilities of the open banking system in the Kingdom, as the Lab … Read more

50 percent of them are forged… Smuggled medicines from abroad are deadly poisons, except for their dealers

Lebanon is witnessing remarkable activity in the field of illegal drug trade, which takes place under the eyes of the concerned officials, without directing to controlling the market or stopping some of the merchants and those involved in this file. From medicine bags to the marketing of drug selling sites, to the smuggling of subsidized … Read more