Shocking discovery hints at the potential of warp drive

“This analysis modifications the understanding of warp drives,” says physicist Jared Fuchs of Utilized Physics, who acquired his doctorate from the College of Alabama in Huntsville. “By demonstrating a first-of-its-kind mannequin, we have proven that warp drives do not should be the stuff of science fiction.” When Mexican theoretical physicist Miguel Alcubierre proposed his warp … Read more

The maximum speed limit in Latvia will increase from May 1

The maximum speed on the Jurmala highway (A10) from Riga to Jurmala is planned to be increased to 110 km/h. On three sections – Daugavpils highway (A6) from Salaspils to Ikskile, Tinužsko-Koknese highway (P80) from Ogresgala to Koknese and Jelgava highway (A8) from Riga to Jaunolaine – speeds of up to 100 km/h will be … Read more

Japan will launch a train with a speed of 500 km/h

According to The Sun newspaper, the cost of the project to create a high-speed train that will travel along the Tokyo-Nagoya route will be 78 billion euros. Japan is home to high-speed trains, the first of which were built in 1964. According to project developers from the Central Japan Railway Company (CJRC), most of the … Read more

Foot off the gas! Pilsen is preparing a series of new section speed measurements

“Projects are being prepared and will gradually begin to be implemented, it should be ready within about a year,” Luděk Šantora, director of the city’s Information Technology Administration, told Novinkám. The city representatives approved the release of the necessary more than ten million crowns a few days ago. The first will be the monitoring of … Read more

Global warming has slowed down the Earth’s rotation, and there are already benefits to it

The scientist’s calculations showed that the outflow of meltwater from the pole to the equator has slowed down and will continue to slow down the speed of rotation of our planet. But there is also good news. They concern regular time correction, which leads to program failures. According to satellite data, enough water from melting … Read more

Riga introduces new rules for electric scooters

The first speed and parking restrictions for electric scooters in Riga are planned to be introduced in May. This way, companies renting out electric scooters will have enough time to prepare for the introduction of restrictions, and local governments will have time to designate zones where parking will be allowed. The first zone will be … Read more

Recognizing the Symptoms of Vitamin B12 Deficiency: A Comprehensive Guide

2023-10-14 23:01:44 Al-Marsad newspaper: Zeenews.india mentioned that there are clear symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency, which are: 1. Numbness of the hands or feet If a person has a vitamin B12 deficiency, they may develop peripheral neuropathy, which causes tingling, numbness, and sensory disturbances in the hands and/or feet. 2. Difficulty walking If a person … Read more

By crossing a drone with a satellite, British scientists invent a perpetual motion machine

2023-10-04 17:22:04 Military espionage is usually carried out from a reconnaissance satellite located at an altitude of several hundred kilometers. However, traditions are breaking, and its functions are now being taken over by the so-called pseudo-satellite. More precisely, it is a drone flying in the stratosphere; however, associations with a satellite are not accidental: such … Read more