Rucking: Your Ultimate Guide to Training with Weighted Backpacks

2023-12-16 23:15:28 What is rucking and how is it practiced? Rucking involves walking with a weighted backpack, providing active physical and mental resistance training. Unlike hiking, rucking adds weight to your walk, making it a more demanding exercise. The load, which can be books, bricks or specialized weight, usually represents at least 10% of your … Read more

A 3D overview of his latest running outing: the latest feature of the Strava app

2023-11-16 11:15:49 Flyover is a video recap of an activity, as if it had been filmed from an aerial view, and gives Strava subscribers a different look at what they accomplished. This new feature begins with a zoom on the route, Flyover then displays Strava’s characteristic orange line which traces the athlete’s journey throughout the … Read more

The pretty girl selling candy loves jogging and shows off her fairy-like beauty

2023-11-09 00:45:00 Jarinporn Bunrit, 26 years old, is one of the prominent runners in Thailand. Coming to jogging 2 years ago to improve her health, this beautiful girl gradually became really passionate about this sport.Attending the first running event at Pink Blue Run 2022, Jarinporn completed the 10 km distance relatively well.Since the first tournament … Read more

Max Verstappen Triumphs at Mexican Grand Prix, Shows Team Player Spirit with Tribute to Perez

2023-10-29 22:51:00 Max Verstappen showed himself to be a team player. In the joy of winning the Mexican Grand Prix and setting the next Formula 1 record, the world champion did not forget his deeply disappointed Red Bull colleague Sergio Perez. “Unfortunately, Checo was eliminated in the first round,” said Verstappen in front of the … Read more

Running vs. Antidepressants: A Breakthrough Study on Treating Depression

2023-10-20 11:32:00 Key Points: Research from the Netherlands reveals that “running” can relieve symptoms of depression and anxiety. It is as effective as using anti-depressants. Currently, the use of antidepressants affects the long-term health of patients. So the research team looked for other ways. That helps treat depression without using drugs. To reduce those side … Read more

Chilling Crime: The Abduction and Murder of Ilyas Kösker Uncovered in Érezée

2023-10-19 12:42:53 Ilyas Kösker, a 44-year-old from Liége, disappeared on June 28, 2019. His body, charred, decapitated and in the form of a skeleton, was discovered on August 8, 2019 in a wood in the commune of Érezée. The investigation showed that he had left his home to go sell a vehicle. He had fallen … Read more

Beijing Traffic Peak: Highways, Railways, and Transportation Updates

2023-10-05 23:36:00 Original title: Highways and railways welcome return peaks (title) Today and tomorrow, traffic flow on the Beijing expressway will be concentrated from 16:00 to 20:00 (theme) Beijing Daily (Reporter Sun Hongyang) The holiday is coming to an end. The Municipal Traffic Operation Monitoring and Dispatch Center issued a return traffic reminder: From 16:00 … Read more