“Yes, the Nike Vapor Next% or the Adizero Boston 8 may look fantastic to you, but you are 1.65m tall, weigh 90kg and run at a pace of 6 min/km…”

The Be Urban Running experts share an article in which they try to solve the mistakes that many popular runners make when they go to buy running shoes. Knowing what suits each one is essential as they explain from the prestigious store: “This article is designed for those people who buy running shoes is an … Read more

Wizards of the Coast makes “boo-boo”: How an ex-Microsoft employee destroyed Dungeons & Dragons

For the past couple of weeks, the RPG fan community has been watching the collapse of the company in real time. Wizards of the Coastwho owns the rights to Dungeons & Dragons and Magic: The Gathering. The collapse was predicted several years ago, but in recent months the process has accelerated due to financial problems … Read more

Asics presents a new, even more comfortable version of the Gel-Nimbus running shoes

As many running enthusiasts begin their preparation for their spring goals, Asics is taking the opportunity to unveil the new iteration of one of his best-known running shoes : the Nimbus. The Japanese brand announced on Monday January 9 the launch of the GEL-Nimbus 25, presented as the most comfortable shoe in its history. Designed … Read more

Solidly promote the work and accelerate the construction of a sports power_Huaao Star|Sports Industry Platform

After the National Sports Directors Meeting, the Gymnastics Center of the General Administration of Sports, the Qigong Center and the Henan Provincial Sports Bureau promptly conveyed and carefully studied the spirit of the meeting, expressing that they will base themselves on their own duties, advance the work steadily, and make greater contributions to building a … Read more

“Many people have hammered me after finishing the New York Marathon saying that it was a disgrace for running”

Bailey Quinn was one of the happiest people in the world when she crossed the finish line of the last edition of the New York Marathon. The popular American runner took advantage of the rule of the New York test that does not set a time limit to finish the 42.195 km. She finished last … Read more

Android allows bluetooth and wifi to work in flight mode

Google is making a small but useful change to Android devices where users can turn on Bluetooth and Wi-Fi in the phone’s flight mode. And if you turn on Wi-Fi for the first time while Airplane mode is enabled, you will see a notification that Wi-Fi is on in Airplane mode. And if you keep … Read more