Oldest Patient Fitted with Bioprosthetic Arm: A Bionic Prosthetic Success Story

2023-12-17 09:16:50 Arm amputated due to cancer… Oldest patient fitted with bioprosthetic arm Entered 2023.12.17 18:16 Views 659 Entered 2023.12.17 18:16 Views 659 Christa Supert (84), who had her arm amputated due to cancer, became the oldest patient to be fitted with a biorobotic arm. [사진=영국 일간 더선(TheSun) 보도 내용 캡처]An 80-year-old woman who had … Read more

Rucking: Your Ultimate Guide to Training with Weighted Backpacks

2023-12-16 23:15:28 What is rucking and how is it practiced? Rucking involves walking with a weighted backpack, providing active physical and mental resistance training. Unlike hiking, rucking adds weight to your walk, making it a more demanding exercise. The load, which can be books, bricks or specialized weight, usually represents at least 10% of your … Read more

The 3-2-1 Exercise Method: Achieving Weight Loss and Waist Reduction Through Aerobic and Anaerobic Exercise

2023-12-14 22:10:34 Weight loss of about 4.5 kg, waist circumference reduced by 11 inches… 3-2-1 exercise method combining aerobic and anaerobic exercise Entered 2023.12.15 07:10 Views 123 Entered 2023.12.15 07:10 Modified 2023.12.14 22:39 Views 123 The 3-2-1 exercise method consists of 3 days of strength training, 2 days of Pilates, and 1 day of aerobic … Read more

Orange Withdraws Interest in Ethiopian Telecom Market Acquisition: Analysis and Updates

2023-11-28 10:54:00 (Agence Ecofin) – Orange had expressed, as early as July 2021, its interest in acquiring 40% in Ethio Telecom, but the process was postponed until March 2022 before finally being relaunched in November. Last March, the French company reiterated its interest in the Ethiopian telecoms market. French telecommunications company Orange has decided to … Read more

Charleroi Christmas Market: Attractions, Food, and Festivities

2023-11-24 20:03:44 Well, clearly, the weather is not good, but here it is: the Charleroi Christmas market opened the doors to its chalets this Friday evening. We know that there are here, from Place Verte to Place de la Digue, several new things to discover, particularly in terms of attractions… Jérôme offers oysters and foie … Read more

Discover Belgium’s Most Enchanting Christmas Markets

2023-11-20 18:00:00 What are the most beautiful Christmas markets in our country? Here is a quick overview of the markets not to be missed if you want to experience the magic of the holidays. The Liège Christmas Village The Liège Christmas Village is the largest and oldest in Belgium. ©Belpress.com The magic of Christmas has … Read more

The Health Benefits of Walking: A Guide to Preventing Early-Onset Cancer and Cardiovascular Disease

2023-11-17 16:42:15 The global incidence of tumors among those under 50 years of age increased by 79% in the last three decades. Although the interpretation of the data requires caution due to differences between regions, experts point to unhealthy lifestyle habits, poor diet, sedentary lifestyle, pollution, excessive consumption of antibiotics or reproductive factors, among others, … Read more

Combat The Dangers of Sitting: Walking Breaks Every 30 Minutes

2023-11-15 12:29:01 If your work or studies require you to spend many hours sitting, there is a way to reduce the harmful effects this has on your health: take a gentle walk (brief and leisurely) of five minutes every half hour. This is the main finding of a new study that my colleagues and I … Read more