Oldest Patient Fitted with Bioprosthetic Arm: A Bionic Prosthetic Success Story

2023-12-17 09:16:50

Arm amputated due to cancer… Oldest patient fitted with bioprosthetic arm

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Christa Supert (84), who had her arm amputated due to cancer, became the oldest patient to be fitted with a biorobotic arm. [사진=영국 일간 더선(TheSun) 보도 내용 캡처]An 80-year-old woman who had her arm amputated due to cancer became the oldest patient to receive a bionic prosthetic arm.

Recently, the British daily newspaper The Sun introduced the story of Christa Schubert (84), who lives in Wurzburg, Germany. An active person, Christa enjoys a variety of hobbies that involve using her hands, including cycling, gardening and making handicrafts. Walking her dog Charlie every day was also a valuable part of her daily routine.

However, 11 months ago, Christa got cancer and her daily life began to change. After two failed surgeries, she developed an aggressive inflammatory lump between her thumb and index finger. Medical staff determined that chemotherapy alone could not control the infection rate of the inflammation and eventually amputated his arm to save his life.

Looking back on the time when Krista suddenly had to live with one arm, she described it as “a time when it was difficult to do simple daily activities such as cutting a loaf of bread and spreading butter on my own.”

In general, prosthetic arms are the most common alternative for patients who have undergone resection surgery, but Christa, who was elderly, found it difficult to bear the weight of the prosthetic arm. Accordingly, ‘AP Protesen’, a German company that supports resection surgery patients, recommended Christa to use the ‘Hero Arm’.

Hero Arm is a biological robot arm developed by British startup ‘Open Bionics’ and is characterized by a light weight of 340g and detailed movements linked to muscles. Christa became the oldest patient to be fitted with a biorobotic arm, and adapted quickly, walking her dog and lifting a cup within an hour of being fitted.

“I can cut bread and cheese again, but more importantly, I can get my life back where I no longer have to ask for anything,” said Krista.

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