The 3-2-1 Exercise Method: Achieving Weight Loss and Waist Reduction Through Aerobic and Anaerobic Exercise

2023-12-14 22:10:34

Weight loss of about 4.5 kg, waist circumference reduced by 11 inches… 3-2-1 exercise method combining aerobic and anaerobic exercise

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The 3-2-1 exercise method consists of 3 days of strength training, 2 days of Pilates, and 1 day of aerobic exercise. [사진=코트니 피셔 인스타그램/틱톡 캡처]An American fitness influencer revealed that she successfully lost weight using the ‘3-2-1 exercise method.’

According to the American daily New York Post, Courtney Fisher lost about 4.5 kg of weight through the 3-2-1 exercise method. My waist circumference also decreased by 11 inches. The 3-2-1 exercise method was discovered by Courtney, who was tired of exercise methods that could be hard on her body. It consisted of 3 days of strength training, 2 days of Pilates, and 1 day of aerobic exercise.

Courtney did high-intensity interval training (HIIT) in the past, but realized that this type of exercise was stressful. Courtney claims that even popular exercise methods were too much for her, which led her to binge eat and gain weight. High-intensity interval training is a type of exercise that involves short repetitions of high-intensity exercise.

The 3-2-1 exercise method includes strength training, walking, and walking since it can be difficult to lose weight with Pilates alone. Courtney explained that aerobic exercise doesn’t have to be intense enough to make you sweat on a treadmill.

He said, “I was so stressed that my cortisol levels exploded during high-intensity exercise,” and “I have also liked Pilates for a long time, but I was worried about not being able to burn enough calories.” He added, “I lost a lot of body fat through the 3-2-1 exercise method, and I am still maintaining this routine. After working out for 5 days, I like to walk for a long time when doing aerobic exercise.”

Aerobic + anaerobic exercise combined… Reduces body fat and increases basal metabolic rate, side effects such as yo-yo effect ↓

The 3-2-1 method suggested by Courtney is a mix of aerobic and anaerobic exercise. Exercise methods that combine aerobic and anaerobic exercise can reduce side effects such as the yo-yo effect. You can lose weight just by doing aerobic exercise, which is effective in reducing body fat, but increasing muscle mass helps you develop a resilient body. Increasing muscle mass can also increase your basal metabolic rate, leading to a constitution that allows you to gain less weight.

The higher the intensity, the greater the effect of exercise. Consider your personal physical condition and exercise goals

High-intensity exercise does not necessarily have a positive effect on health and diet. Excessive strength training can damage spinal joints. Excessive exercise that is not appropriate for an individual’s physical condition actually increases the risk of injury and can lead to stressful situations like Courtney’s.

There are also research results that show that even low-intensity exercise is more effective in improving physical strength than high-intensity exercise. A research team from the University of Ottawa in Canada conducted a 6-minute walking test on a group that did Nordic walking, which involves walking on flat ground and hills while holding a stick in both hands, and △moderate-intensity continuous training where you exercise continuously at a constant intensity, and △high-intensity interval training. proceeded. The 6-minute walk test is a test that measures cardiovascular, respiratory, and musculoskeletal function by measuring the distance walked for 6 minutes.

As a result of the test, the Nordic walking group walked an average of 94.2m, a longer distance than the medium-intensity continuous training group (55.6m) and the high-intensity interval training group (59.9m). The research team analyzed that Nordic walking is beneficial for improving exercise effectiveness and physical function, at least in terms of the strain it places on the body.

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