Obesity and overweight: nearly one in two French people concerned

Obesity is a global public health problem, what about France? A. F. : Between 1997 and 2012, the Roche laboratory funded obesity monitoring with a survey every three years. It was important to take stock of the evolution of this disease. In 2020, with 9,598 participants over the age of 18, a new survey was conducted. … Read more

Sitting all day? This simple technique makes it possible to limit the harmful effects of a sedentary lifestyle

Sitting for a prolonged period is associated with deleterious health outcomes. But how often should we get up from our chair and for how long? ” Five minutes every half hour say the researchers of a new study. A research conducted by exercise physiologists at Columbia University offers a simple prescription to combat sedentary lifestyle … Read more

What diseases can you suffer from sitting all day? – The financial

We know: if it already happened in your days as ‘Godín’ in the office, now with el home office which continues in some cases, the number of hours we spend sitting while working increased. Why might that be a problem? Studies that analyze the relationship between sedentary lifestyle and mortality found that those people who … Read more