Bruce Willis’s daughter spoke in regards to the actor’s well being

The eldest daughter of Hollywood actor Bruce Willis and actress Demi Moore spoke about her father’s well being. She spoke about this in an interview with In the present day. She stated the relative with dementia nonetheless acknowledges his household and is pleased to satisfy his granddaughter Louetta. Throughout a latest household go to, he … Read more About 8,500 people in Latvia suffer from dementia: what should relatives do?

Although dementia affects many people, it is probably one of the most misdiagnosed diseases in the country, according to the RCPN. The reality is that many more people suffer from dementia, and a lack of information and support leads to social isolation, making life miserable not only for those living with dementia, but also for … Read more

Dasha Kiper, psychologist specialized in dementia: “The hardest thing is not knowing where the person ends and the disease begins” | Health & Wellness

Dasha Kiper, psychologist and author of ‘Journeys to Unimaginable Lands’ A woman arrives at a cozy Italian restaurant looking for her husband. When she finds him, she sits down at the table, and together they enjoy a gintonic and a lively conversation. Anyone watching from the outside might envy their complicity, but things begin to … Read more

The most important early symptom, which many may not take seriously – 2024-02-25 04:18:59

It can be easy to miss the early signs of cognitive decline, but recognizing the early symptoms of dementia has become more critical than ever. More and more people are being diagnosed with some form of dementia, such as Alzheimer’s. That’s why a growing body of research around the behavioral changes associated with dementia could … Read more

A low socioeconomic level multiplies by three the risk of suffering from dementia before the age of 65 | Health & Wellness

People from lower socioeconomic backgrounds are three times more likely to develop early-onset dementia. And if those same people lead an unhealthy lifestyle, the risk is 440% higher compared to those of a higher socioeconomic level who lead a healthy lifestyle. The data is from a study carried out by researchers at the Huazhong University … Read more

The Relationship Between Sleep Regularity and Dementia: Findings From a 7-Year Study

2023-12-20 10:46:25 The research paper, which was published in the online journal Neuroscience, was titled “The relationship between sleep regularity, dementia resulting from accidents, and brain size.” The introduction to the research stated: “The aim of this study was to evaluate the relationship between sleep regularity, that is, daily consistency in sleep-wake patterns, and the … Read more

Protect Against Alzheimer’s: New Research on the Impact of Diet and Prevention Strategies

2023-12-16 16:27:44 55 million people worldwide are affected by dementia, 1.8 million in Germany alone. According to the German Alzheimer Society, the number will rise to 139 million worldwide by 2050. Now there are new findings: Our diet can significantly influence the personal risk of Alzheimer’s. New study from Brazil The focus is a study … Read more

Personality Traits and Dementia Risk: How Negative Traits Increase the Risk

2023-12-02 07:01:32 The higher the negative personality traits, the higher the risk of dementia. Entered 2023.12.02 16:00 Views 414 Entered 2023.12.02 16:00 Modified 2023.12.01 16:41 Views 414 People with personality traits such as conscientiousness, extroversion, and positive affect were found to be less likely to be diagnosed with dementia than those with neuroticism and negative … Read more