Donanemab Study: Impact on Alzheimer’s Progression and Potential Risks

2023-09-26 12:00:00 The donanemab study was structured similarly. Just over 1,700 test subjects with early signs of Alzheimer’s took part in it and received either the experimental therapy or a dummy drug every two weeks for 18 months. Across the entire patient group, the CDR-SB score fell by 29 percent less in those treated with … Read more

Professions and Cognitive Decline: How Your Job Impacts Dementia Risk

2023-09-25 07:58:45 Is your job going to drive you crazy? Not that your boss has anything to do with it, but according to a study, certain professions predispose an individual more to developing dementia or mild cognitive impairment in old age when the profession requires high levels of physical activity. at work or shifts or … Read more

Autoimmune Encephalitis: A Rare Cause of Dementia in Young Adults

2023-09-22 04:23:51 A 35-year-old female teacher suddenly developed symptoms of dementia and was taken to the hospital for examination by her family. As a result, she was diagnosed with “autoimmune encephalitis” caused by “Sjögren’s syndrome”. (Image/Unsplash) Dementia is no longer exclusive to the elderly. A female English teacher in Jiangsu, mainland China, suddenly developed symptoms … Read more

Understanding Dementia: Addressing the Global Failure in Care

2023-09-21 12:19:00 Has the world failed people with dementia? The summary of what the Director-General of the World Health Organization said may be a realistic result of what dementia patients are experiencing in the world and the region, as he admitted in a previous statement that “the world is failing people with dementia, and this … Read more

Don’t forget: The FSW dementia bus is on tour again

2023-09-20 07:51:07 On the occasion of World Alzheimer’s Day, the bus will tour Vienna from September 21st to 23rd – start of an explanatory video on the topic of dementia Vienna (OTS) – On World Alzheimer’s Day, the Vienna Social Fund (FSW) is launching its “Dementia Bus on Tour” event series. The dementia bus is … Read more

Understanding and Supporting Childhood Dementia: Stories of Niemann-Pick Type C and Sanfilippo Syndrome

2023-09-19 12:38:01 “Austin was pretty perfect when he was born at 38 weeks. Only his liver enzymes were a little elevated.” Renee Staska’s third child was meeting all of his developmental milestones: He was trying to stand, making eye contact and laughing. LOOK: The man who survived 60 hours on a ship sunk at the … Read more