Bruce Willis’s daughter spoke in regards to the actor’s well being

The eldest daughter of Hollywood actor Bruce Willis and actress Demi Moore spoke about her father’s well being. She spoke about this in an interview with In the present day. She stated the relative with dementia nonetheless acknowledges his household and is pleased to satisfy his granddaughter Louetta. Throughout a latest household go to, he … Read more

Josep Carreras reappears excited at the 2024 Talía Awards: “See you forever”

For his “unique” voice and “exceptional” career, Joseph Carreras has been awarded the Honorary Talia Award awarded by the Academy of Performing Arts of Spain. “Fundamental and legendary tenor who has a unique voice and an exceptional career. Through the combination of your extraordinary virtuosity “who, together with his scenic power, has brought opera, together … Read more

Working conditions are “generally worse” in open space

2023-12-15 06:00:03 Open spaces – or open-plan offices, in French – are supposed to improve productivity through better communication between employees, and reduce real estate costs through more rational layout of spaces. The other side of the coin is that, since their emergence in France in the 1990s, they have been accused of degrading the … Read more

between false dismissal and real resignation, legal uncertainty remains

2023-11-21 05:30:14 Social right. Can an employer today dismiss for misconduct an employee who has voluntarily abandoned their position, while the law of December 21, 2022 and then the decree of April 17, 2023 have provided for a specific procedure leading to a simple presumption of resignation? A qualification therefore opposed to the classic dismissal … Read more

“I didn’t feel disabled, I was just in denial”

2023-11-17 06:00:17 It was one day in February 2016, at the office: ” Everything happened really fast. My colleagues saw that my mouth was deforming, fortunately I was quickly taken care of. » Employed since 2012 by RTE, the company managing the electricity transmission network (9,500 employees), Frédérique Manceau suffered a stroke that day, which … Read more

Job Opportunities in Egypt: Ministry of Labor’s Employment Bulletin 2023

2023-11-04 02:00:00 Aya Dabas wrote Saturday, November 4, 2023 04:00 AM She said Ministry of LaborWithin the framework of the state’s plan to confront unemployment, it, through the Central Administration of Employment and the labor directorates in the governorates, receives applications from job seekers and nominates them for one of the jobs announced in the … Read more

2023 United States Grand Prix: Live Coverage, Race Time, and Championship Updates

2023-10-22 20:21:58 Formula 1 warms up! Today, Sunday, October 22, at the Circuit of the Americas in Austin (Texas), the 2023 United States Grand Prix takes place LIVE / LIVE / ONLINE, which features the participation of the best F1 drivers, including to the champion Max Verstappen, who in the last competition was crowned first … Read more

5,993 Vacant Job Positions in Egypt’s Private Sector: Apply Now!

2023-09-19 08:03:00 Aya Dabas wrote Tuesday, September 19, 2023 11:03 AM The Ministry of Labor announced that it has received applications from 77 private sector companies across 17 governorates to fill 5,993 vacant positions, in a number of specializations, including for those with special abilities, with salaries starting from 3,000 pounds per month, in addition … Read more