She takes the subway 10 times a day and “commutes to work for 4 hours”: she takes the year-end resignation | International | CTWANT

The woman said she commutes four hours a day to work. (Schematic / Pexels) In addition to the salary, commuting time is also a major consideration for the job. Recently, a woman from mainland China said that it takes her 4 hours to go to and from work every day to take 10 subways, and … Read more

Cai Aga is proud to announce the end of the year! A senior employee wrote the amount “+260,000 more” envied by the Internet: Everyone at the grassroots has a bottom | Entertainment | CTWANT

In recent years, the economic benefits driven by YouTubers have been huge. YouTubers with more than one million hits have an ability to attract money beyond imagination. Recently, the well-known YouTuber Cai Aga, in the year-end and end-of-year activities at the end of the year, in order to comfort the hard work of the employees … Read more

The company rewarded 39 cars with a total value of nearly 40 million at the end of the year

Continental Jereh presented 39 cars to reward employees. (Picture / Taken from Jerry’s official website) The 2022 “Golden Key Award” car awarding ceremony of “Jereh Petroleum Services Group Co., Ltd.” (hereinafter referred to as Jereh shares) in mainland China was held at the headquarters in Yantai. 39 outstanding employees received the commendation grandly. Participated in … Read more

Carolina Cruz spent the end of the year with whom her new love would be and did not hide anything – Publimetro Colombia

Carolina Cruz is a well-known presenter, model, and businesswoman who, a few months ago, announced her separation with actor Lincoln Palomeque after several years of relationship and two children, Matías and Salvador. Although, for some months she has been seen accompanied on several occasions by who would be her new partner, the woman has preferred … Read more

January 1: What will the weather be like in your region on New Year’s Day? | National

Millions of Chileans will take advantage of the long weekend and inalienable holiday of the New Year, however, in some cities of the country there are rain forecasts for January 1, 2023. Check what the weather will be like in your region. The imminent arrival of 2023 and the celebration of New Year (on an … Read more