“Reversal of the common” .. A new method of giving chemotherapy reduces the chances of bowel cancer returning

Al Marsad newspaper: Research has found that chemotherapy before bowel cancer surgery can reduce the chances of it returning by more than a quarter. A trial funded by Cancer Research UK shows that giving chemotherapy before surgery for early-stage bowel cancer reduces the chance of the disease returning by 28 per cent. Chemotherapy is usually … Read more

Discovering a diet that increases the chances of pregnancy, improves fertility in men, and protects against heart disease and diabetes

Translation exclusiveA study by Australian researchers found that the Mediterranean diet can improve fertility, increase sperm quality in men, and help overcome infertility, making it a simple strategy for couples trying to conceive. the heart Valskri Researchers noted that the diet — which has also been found to protect against diseases linked to inflammation, such … Read more

An engineering expert explains the reasons for the inclination of a hotel building in Makkah .. and reveals the chances of its collapse • Al-Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Engineering expert Saud Al-Dalbhi explained the reasons for the inclination of a hotel building in Makkah and the chances of its collapse. He said during his intervention with the “Yahla” program: “The tilt can be due to two reasons. The first is groundwater leakage under the bases, but the architecture is still cohesive, … Read more

United Real Estate completes its merger with United Towers and Hospitality

History 12/24/2022 2:00:11 PM (MENAFN– Al-Anbaa) Mazen Hawa: We firmly believe that this transaction will create new investment opportunities for shareholders Real Estate is committed to developing projects that contribute significantly to enhancing the life and well-being of society The United Real Estate Company, one of the largest real estate companies in Kuwait, the Middle … Read more