Artyom Uss, son of Krasnoyarsk governor, approved for extradition to US by Italian court

A court in Italy has given its approval for the extradition of Artem Uss, who is the son of Alexander Uss, the Governor of Krasnoyarsk Territory, to the United States where he faces allegations of money laundering and sanctions evasion. The lawyer for Mr. Uss has said that they intend to appeal the decision made … Read more

Chinese authorities decide to ensure GDP growth by 5 percent

In China, delegates to the session of the National People’s Congress (NPC) on Monday, March 13, approved the government’s plans to increase the country’s GDP by five percent and increase defense spending. DW reports. As tensions with the US rise, China’s military spending will be increased by 7.2 percent, more than overall spending. At the … Read more

European Union approves new sanctions against Russia

“A year has passed since Russia’s brutal and illegal invasion of Ukraine. Today, the EU approved a 10th sanctions package which includes, among other things, stricter restrictions on the export of dual-use technology and goods, targeted restrictive measures against persons and entities who support the war, disseminate propaganda or deliver drones used by Russia in … Read more

The European Commission approved it.. allowing the use of a new drug to treat advanced prostate cancer

Al-Marsad newspaper – agencies: Czech doctors have invented a drug to treat prostate cancer in its advanced stages, and have started using 3D printing in bone transplants. The website notes that the drug for prostate cancer is called Pluvicto. The European Commission approved its use a few days ago. This medicine is in the … Read more

The Ministry of Education approved a new school curriculum with military training lessons

The Ministry of Education issued orderapproving the school education program, which included basic military training in the framework of the OBZH and a block on the military operation in Ukraine in history lessons. The document was signed by Minister of Education Sergey Kravtsov. The order is dated November 23 of the current year, and registered … Read more