Unveiling Jamestown’s Hidden Secrets: The Story of the First British Settlement in America

2023-08-11 22:00:00 Jamestown: The small, wooden-palisaded hamlet where the first 104 citizens sent by Britain’s Virginia Company established a primitive settlement in 1607 resembles an archaeological site. It was not until 1994 that a research team discovered the remains of the first British fort on what is now the United States. “Since then, more than … Read more

Promoting Self-Determination and Independence for Puerto Rico: Urgent Economic and Social Needs Addressed

2023-06-22 23:15:17 United Nations- The UN Committee on Decolonization once again asked the United States on Thursday to promote a process that allows the Puerto Rican people to exercise their right to self-determination and independence. It did so in a resolution approved by consensus and similar to the texts that have been adopted year after … Read more

Vlaams Belang’s Roadmap to Flemish Independence in 2024: A Comprehensive Analysis

2023-06-11 15:02:08 The Vlaams Belang declared itself convinced on Sunday, during a congress held in Lier (province of Antwerp), that the momentum for the independence of Flanders will be given in 2024, after the legislative and regional elections planned June 9 next year. The far-right party, leading in the polls in the north of the … Read more

“Royal Academy of Medicine and Surgery of Seville Secures Future through Property Rental Agreement”

2023-04-22 03:00:00 A formula that guarantees the subsistence of an institution with 320 years of history that will be able to continue developing cultural work and high-level expertise. The Royal Academy of Medicine and Surgery of Seville has closed an agreement to rent a property that it owns at number 7 Argote de Molina street, … Read more

Independence Day 2023: How Americans Celebrate July 4th

Independence Day Independence Day 2023 – this is how Americans celebrate the Fourth of July The American Independence Day is just around the corner – read here why Independence Day is celebrated so big in the USA and what you should bring to your American neighbor’s 4th of July party. 03/14/2023, 08:19 am The American … Read more

driving force of the national economy

ALGIERS – Initiated during the first years of independence, exclusively by the public sector, to meet the needs of the manufacture of capital goods and intermediate products, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and small and medium-sized industries ( PMI) have gone from the infancy of the 1970s to establish themselves, fifty years later, as the … Read more