Health personnel died because they were not equipped with equipment, says commission that investigated pandemic management | News from El Salvador

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Dacia production is stopped today. The plant in Mioveni worked in February for only six days out of 11 workers

February 15 is the fifth day of this month in which the officials of the Dacia Automobile plant had to stop the activity. Practically, out … Read more

We regret that Bukele’s response to the Constitutional Chamber “is arms and force,” says Portillo Cuadra | News from El Salvador

The opposition deputies called it “political bullying” for the President of the Republic to publish on Twitter the photo of heavily armed soldiers after a … Read more

The Bukele government has been made possible by the efforts of the 1992 Peace Accords, say signatories “The scenario in which we are now, including those who govern us, is a product of the Peace Accords”: Óscar Santamaría | News from El Salvador

The deputies reiterated that the Executive cannot change the day of the Peace Accords, if it is not by agreement of the Assembly, at Bukele’s … Read more