see how the most expensive phone in the world is assembled

2023-09-21 15:42:53 A video showing the assembly of the Sennheiser HE-1, which has a review published on Oficina da Net, was revealed by the German audio equipment manufacturer on its YouTube channel. If you don’t know, the “Orpheus 2”, popular name for the HE-1, is the successor to the Sennheiser HE-90, which was considered for … Read more

How to Build a Formula 1 Car: The Ultimate Guide to Design, Development, and Testing

2023-09-21 00:15:38 He Formula 1 World Championship It is the most important and richest motor category on the planet, being year after year one of the most watched sports in each of the various events that take place around the world. Currently, Red Bull has dominated the season with 14 of the 15 dates that … Read more

Closing of accounts 2022 of the Chamber of Labor Upper Austria: Continued full service for the members

2023-05-23 16:26:38 9th Plenary Assembly of the XVI. term of office Almost 100 percent of our income comes from contributions from AK members. It is therefore important to us to use the money efficiently AK Director Andrea Heimberger, MSc Linz – In 2022, the Upper Austrian Chamber of Labor spent most of its budget of … Read more

AK President Stangl at the General Assembly: “We must finally take effective measures against inflation”

2023-05-23 09:45:17 9th Plenary Assembly of the XVI. term of office Linz – Continued inflation remains the biggest problem for employees. This was also evident at today’s plenary assembly of the Upper Austrian Chamber of Labor in Linz, which was attended by 110 Chamber Councillors. “We have proposed a variety of effective measures. What is … Read more

Weekend Rallies in Downtown Seoul Demand Government Resignation and Eradication of Juspa Faction

2023-04-29 09:56:03 A participant wearing a military uniform and wearing a skull-shaped mask at the government resignation rally held in downtown Seoul./Reporter Yang Seung-soo On Saturday, the 29th, rallies of progressive, conservative, and labor groups were held all over downtown Seoul. On this day, the candlelight movement, a progressive civic group, started a march at … Read more

Performance Chart for AMD CPU and Graphics Cards: How to Get the Most Out of Your PC Purchase in 2021

2023-04-22 14:15:00 For buyers who are not interested in PCs, ‘how much will the performance of the PC I’m going to purchase be?’ It is natural to be curious about that part. In addition, the reason is that the amount of money you have to burn to buy a PC these days has more than … Read more