Uncontrolled Dumping in Couillet: Residents Speak Out Against Illegal Dumping in Burned House

2023-11-01 04:00:00 We have already talked about rue du Congo in Couillet in our columns. Remember, in August 2016, an arson broke out in an unoccupied house on the street. The house was completely destroyed. The rapid intervention of firefighters fortunately prevented the fire from spreading to neighboring houses. of videos At the time, the … Read more

Political Reactions to President Berri’s Speech and the Call for Dialogue: Implications for Lebanon’s Presidential Election

2023-09-02 06:03:48 No sooner had President Nabih Berri finished delivering his speech on the forty-fifth anniversary of the occultation of Imam Musa al-Sadr when political reactions continued, whether those supporting the positions he announced, or those rejecting the internal messages he carried, especially in terms of his call for the seven-day dialogue, anticipating the arrival … Read more

Illegal Street Racing in Charleroi Aéroport 1 Zone: Uncovering the Truth and Impact on Residents

2023-08-30 17:00:00 Nocturnal noise, acts of vandalism and dirt, the tenants of the Charleroi Aéroport 1 zone and the local residents can no longer cope with the problems linked to the clandestine gatherings of racing cars every weekend. Memphis (pseudonym), is a regular at these gatherings, which we call illegal. He wanted to defend his … Read more

Unforgettable Night: Messalina Heck’s Mini Cooper Takes a Flight and Ends Up in a Ditch

2023-08-17 04:44:00 It is a night of August 15 that Messalina Heck, 24, is not ready to forget. However, she had made sure that this evening went off without a hitch… Read also uri ****** **** *** ***** ******* *** ******* ******** ** ************ **** **************** ******** ******** ****** **** ******* ** ** *** ****** … Read more

Shocking Attack: Jacqueline, 66, Attacked by Wild Kittens and Cat in La Louvière

2023-08-13 10:00:00 The facts occurred three weeks ago on rue Conreur in La Louvière and yet, when she talks about it Jacqueline (assumed first name), 66, is still in shock. The sexagenarian was, in fact, attacked by kittens and her cat who got angry at the sight of the behavior of the two “babies”. *** … Read more

The Mystery of Unidentified Festival Sting: Cases, Symptoms, and Theories

2023-06-12 18:28:59 In Belgium, it was at the Ardentes festival that the number of cases was the highest. About twenty people, mostly young women, called the security and the police, complaining of having felt a very slight sting before feeling bad: dizziness, vomiting and fainting in some cases. In France, the phenomenon had taken on … Read more