“SPW Bug: Warning to Luxembourgers About Unjustified Taxes – Don’t Pay 600 Euros”

2023-05-09 18:00:00 The Public Service of Wallonia (SPW) suffered from a bug in data processing. Due to this, several people received a tax to pay, which is not justified for all. This is not a scam, but a bug whose reimbursement could take time. Thomas, a resident of Libramont concerned about the wallet of Luxembourgers, … Read more

“Green Mango Auderghem Sets World Record with 1m88 Burger Tower”

2023-04-29 16:14:52 It’s a sigh of relief for Thomas Perrichet. His 1m88 burger tower held firm. It breaks the world record for the highest burger. “It does something. It’s weird. We weren’t sure we would get there. But we succeeded thanks to the teams from Green Mango Woluwe and Green Mango Auderghem”, declared Thomas a … Read more

“I want to make Walloons dream again”

He comes back from Charleroi. The Secretary of State for Science Policy is responsible for coordinating the Recovery Plan. Sometimes alongside Thomas Pesquet or Raphaël Liegeois, he recalls Belgium’s strengths in space matters: “Young Walloons often forget that they live in a region where the glasses of the future (AGC) are being invented which will … Read more

“The mineral tour? Alcohol should remain a pleasure and not become a problem.

By the editor Published on 02/25/2023 at 21:22 Are you saying that all families are not equal? “Blended families are more at risk: Among consumers who are abusive or at risk of dependency, the 2007 Ireb survey shows an over-representation of blended families. On the other hand, no greater risk is observed in single-parent families. … Read more

Conaf brigade members are attacked in Punta de Parra: they were stabbed and hit with stones | National

Bio bio region Sunday February 26, 2023 | 01:36 Posted by Leonardo Casas The information is from Franco Hernández For reasons that are being investigated, unknown persons attacked a group of Conaf brigade members with stones and bladed weapons. The concurrence of the Carabineros and the Armed Forces was requested, since the commune of Tomé … Read more

VIDEOS | They record a huge whirlwind in the middle of a forest fire in Tomé | National

Volunteer firefighters fighting the fire in Menque, Tomé commune, registered a whirlwind of high-altitude smoke between the Chupallar hills. One week has passed since the forest fires devastated the Bío Bío region. One of the most complex claims is registered in the menquecommune of Thomas. Product of the ferocity of the flames, at times Senapred … Read more