Shocking discovery hints at the potential of warp drive

“This analysis modifications the understanding of warp drives,” says physicist Jared Fuchs of Utilized Physics, who acquired his doctorate from the College of Alabama in Huntsville. “By demonstrating a first-of-its-kind mannequin, we have proven that warp drives do not should be the stuff of science fiction.” When Mexican theoretical physicist Miguel Alcubierre proposed his warp … Read more

A thermal energy plant will probably be constructed between Riga and Salaspils for 200 million euros

Usually, the so-called regeneration station is similar to the mission of one other waste incineration plant. However the clerks selling the mission, in fact, reject this assumption. It’s deliberate that the station’s regeneration volumes will probably be 150-200 thousand tons per yr, which is able to present power to about 40,000 households. The thermal power … Read more

The anthem of the 2024 European Championship Lena Schmitz has become known. Not everyone appreciated (+VIDEO)

“Fire” is the name of the official anthem of the European Football Championship, which will be held in Germany this summer. The release of the Euro 2024 composition took place on the night of Friday, May 10, as reported by the dpa news agency. The performers of this summer’s main football hit are the Italian … Read more They will increase the safety of Plavinska HPP

Since the current maximum capacity of the Plavinas hydroelectric power station (HPP) on the Daugava may be exceeded, construction work is planned at the station to create a reserve spillway capable of providing an additional capacity of at least 4,000 cubic meters per second, writes Latvijas Avīze. “The spillway is a special bypass channel through … Read more

SpaceX teams up with Northrop Grumman to build military satellites

SpaceX has teamed up with military-industrial corporation Northrop Grumman to create low-orbit satellites for the US Department of Defense, allowing for high-definition images of the Earth’s surface, the quality of which can be compared with the images obtained by flying drones. Reuters reports this. We are talking about the development of a system of hundreds … Read more

Patras: The creation of a Beach Park is progressing – 2024-04-08 10:25:34

The creation of another park by the employees of the Municipality of Patras, at Paralia Patras (Cemetery) is progressing rapidly for the needs of the citizens, young and old, of the area. Today the greenery was sown, while already for months, around 150 olive trees have been planted. Afterwards, work will be done on shaping … Read more

Stoltenberg prepares to expand NATO support for Ukraine

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg proposes creating a special NATO mission for Ukraine (NATO Mission Ukraine) and agreeing on the alliance’s military assistance to Kyiv for a five-year period in the amount of 100 billion euros. The news agencies dpa and AFP wrote about this on the night of Wednesday, April 3, citing sources in … Read more