Bryn Hargreaves: Body of rugby star (37) found – missing for 14 months | Sports

Now it is bitter certainty: After 14 months of fear, the body of former rugby star Bryn Hargreaves (37) was found. This was confirmed by his family on social networks. Hargreaves, then 36, was reported missing by his West Virginia employer in January last year. He hadn’t turned up for work. A huge search operation … Read more

Roommates don’t give cigarettes… The man searched the house and was “surprised to see a corpse hidden under the bed.” The police investigation revealed that he had been lying in bed for a month | International | CTWANT

2 men found a body under the bed. (Picture / flip from Sohu) Appalling! There was a man in Shanghai, China. Because his roommate didn’t give him a cigarette, he searched every room and corner of the house and hid a dead body under the bed. After careful investigation by the police, the murderer was … Read more

The fart boy sneaked into the ancient tombs of the Ming Dynasty for a live broadcast…Boldly “taking out the corpses of the dead” and posing for insulting the corpses | International | CTWANT

Fart Boy sneaked into an ancient tomb of the Ming Dynasty and broadcast live. (Schematic diagram / flip from Weibo) According to the indictment recently released by the People’s Procuratorate of Longli County, Guizhou Province, Chen Moumou, a man from Huludao, Liaoning Province, and three companions entered the “Guoliyan Cave Burial” in Longli County, Guizhou … Read more

Fukuoka Beach “Hundred Puffer Fish Carcasses” Washed Ashore Experts Speak | Life | CTWANT

Fukuoka puffer fish died in large numbers. The picture shows puffer fish laying eggs. (Schematic / Dazhi / Associated Press) On the beach of Shiga Island in Fukuoka City, Japan, a large number of puffer fish washed ashore recently, and more than 100 of them died. Experts pointed out that he has not seen a … Read more

The 4-year-old brother disappeared by the river and sent home the body of a giant crocodile 2 days later!The whole village was shocked: No bite marks on the body│Crocodile│Boy│Muhammad Ziyad Wijaya│TVBS News Network

The reptile crocodile has been dubbed “the cruelest killer in nature”, but a strange incident happened abroad recently. A crocodile returned to the village with the body of a 4-year-old boy on its back, and handed him over to the rescuers in person. before leaving. It is worth noting that when the villagers speculated that … Read more

USA: Horror find in Boston! Four baby bodies found in freezer News

Horror Fund in Boston, Massachusetts. The remains of four infants were discovered in an apartment there in the middle of the month – in a freezer. After an emergency call, the police in the south of the city found an infant on November 17th. More remains were not discovered until the following day. According to … Read more