Porsche sets out to conquer the off-road with its new Porsche 911 Dakar in a limited edition at 226,000 euros

Traveling the roads since its foundation in 1931, Porsche now feels the call of adventure and decides to leave the asphalt to explore the off-road. Exit the Porsche Cayenne or Macan since it is none other than the Porsche 911, mythical ambassador of the German manufacturer, who was chosen to go on an adventure by … Read more

The indispensable “Porsche” kitchen knife in the Oriental kitchen advertises that it can shoot garlic-International-Liberty Times Newsletter

Recently, Porsche has launched a kitchen knife. Although the price is more expensive than ordinary kitchen knives, it can satisfy the masses who have the “Porsche Dream”. (AFP, extracted from Porsche’s official website, synthesized by this newspaper) 2022/10/15 12:33 [Instant News/Comprehensive Report]Owning a Porsche sports car is the dream of many people, but because of … Read more

BLACKPINK Jennie Style Rides Her Own Design Porsche, Here’s Her Car Collection

Jakarta – Jennie BLACKPINK once again proves its existence as a global K-Pop idol. After collaborating with a number of world fashion and makeup brands, Jennie BLACKPINK is now the muse of the German sports car brand, Porsche. The fans were enthusiastic to hear the news and echoed the call “JENNIE FOR PORSCHE” to become … Read more

Porsche shares start trading at 84 euros at the IPO

Die shares of the sports car manufacturer Porsche started trading on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange on Thursday morning at EUR 84. Immediately after the start of trading, they were already above the issue price of EUR 82.50. In early trading, however, the price fluctuated between these two values. The Stuttgart luxury car manufacturer was valued … Read more

The Porsches, the saga of a German dynasty

By David Philippot Posted yesterday at 6:38 p.m., Update yesterday at 10:13 p.m. From left to right: Ferdinand Oliver Porsche (foreground), Wolfgang Porsche (centre) and Hans-Michel Piëch, in 2019 in Berlin. Krisztian Bocsi/Bloomberg STORY – On the occasion of the IPO of the sports car manufacturer, the family again becomes a key shareholder. “Everything has … Read more

“He created a new construction company and drives a Porsche”

Building a house, the dream of a lifetime, turns into a nightmare for a series of individuals let go by an entrepreneur in the Dinant region. The man declared bankruptcy without ever having spoken to them of his difficulties. Justice must decide. In the Dinant region, several people find themselves in a more than complicated … Read more