Model offensive is intended to bring VW out of the crisis 2024-03-13 22:27:30

AFrom Oliver Blume’s point of view, it is a feat of strength that will keep the Volkswagen Group in suspense for a long time to come. It will take two to three years until the restructuring of Europe’s largest car manufacturer is completed, he said on Wednesday as he presented the balance sheet for the … Read more

China’s Copycat Car Market: Buyers Beware of Knock-off Versions

2023-12-14 12:40:00 The man spent about NT$90,000 to buy a knock-off version of the “Porsche 918” and hit the road. (Picture/taken from Xiaoli’s help) China’s copycat car market is booming, and many people have purchased new cars of questionable quality due to manufacturers’ promotions. According to a report by “Xiaoli Helps”, a Mr. Wang in … Read more

Man forcibly drags woman and child out of Porsche in China: A story of intervention, reconciliation, and justice

2023-12-10 07:24:39 The man dragged the mother and son out of the Porsche on the street. (Picture/reproduced from Weibo) A video in mainland China of “a man forcibly dragging a woman and a child out of a Porsche” has recently attracted the attention of many netizens. It can be seen in the video that in … Read more

Controversy Surrounding Saint Nicolas Arriving at School in a Porsche: Reactions and Responses

2023-12-07 11:01:00 This must have been a fun idea, but obviously it wasn’t to everyone’s taste. Yesterday morning, Saint-Nicolas went to a school in the town of Uccle, but with a rather special means of transport: a Porsche. Escorted by several police officers on motorcycles, the Saint can be seen strolling around in a convertible … Read more

Porsche Design Eyewear: Winter 2023/2024 Collection Unveiled in Thailand by Eyelink Vision Co., Ltd.

2023-11-19 03:14:00 Eyelink Vision Co., Ltd. joins hands with DE RIGO Co., Ltd., who has the right to produce and distribute Porsche Design Eyewear, a world-class fashion eyewear brand. from Germany Introducing the latest collection, PORSCHE DESIGN EYEWEAR: FOR WINTER 2023/2024, created by a designer inspired by the luxury sports car Porsche (Porsche). Ready to … Read more

Collector’s Vehicle Show Lyon: History of Peugeot, Talbot, Cadillac, and More

2023-11-03 08:31:27 AGENDA – On the menu for the 44th edition of this collector’s vehicle show which is being held in Lyon from November 10 to 12: the history of Peugeot, the Talbot and Cadillac sagas, and the entire world of automobiles and old motorcycle. The collector’s vehicle is not experiencing the crisis. The proof … Read more

Miraculous Survival Story: 70-Year-Old Woman’s Three-Meter Fall in Swiss Sports Car

2023-10-02 00:05:15 A 70-year-old survived a serious accident in Switzerland: she fell three meters in a sports car. A woman had an accident in a Porsche in Walchwil, Switzerland, on Saturday afternoon and fell around three meters. As the police in the canton of Zug reported, the 70-year-old drove through a flower bed in the … Read more

Qatar Edition of Geneva International Motor Show: A Spectacular Showcase of Luxury Cars and Future Designs

2023-09-26 16:09:57 Doha: Preparations for the Geneva International Motor Show have reached the final stage. This is the first time that the internationally renowned motor show in the automobile sector is being held outside Geneva. The Qatar edition of the Geneva International Motor Show, which brings together the world’s most prominent automakers and designers, is … Read more