Smart bedside table with Qi charging surface, power bank, loudspeaker and more: Evokera starts at a low price

2023-05-28 14:07:00 The smart bedside table Evokera is currently looking for supporters on Kickstarter. (Image: Kickstarter) The Evokera is a smart bedside table with all sorts of functions, which currently starts at a very manageable price of just under 40 euros. Among other things, it offers a wireless charging pad, a power bank, light and … Read more

“The Power of Healthy Eating: Transform Your Health and Prevent Chronic Diseases”

2023-05-24 12:44:10 Health says “Thank you!” There is hardly a physical sticking point that healthy food does not turn inside out in a positive way. First things first: A balanced, conscious diet reduces the risk of chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure or elevated blood lipid levels by a whopping … Read more

Redmi Pad 2: Leak names some surprising features of Xiaomi’s new inexpensive tablet

2023-05-22 07:40:00 The Redmi Pad could soon have a successor. (Image: Xiaomi) A leaker names many expected specifications of the Redmi Pad 2, the successor to the inexpensive Redmi Pad tablet from Xiaomi that was only recently spotted at a certification authority. If the information is correct, the Redmi Pad 2 has a few surprises … Read more

New projector announced: Lenovo YOGA 5000S should also be suitable for daylight

2023-05-21 11:18:00 The YOGA 5000 is based on a 0.33 inch DMD chip. This has a resolution of 1080p, but also supports 4K decoding in addition to HDR10 and HLG. The projector can output an image of up to 300 inches, which corresponds to a diagonal of 762 cm. However, the manufacturer recommends a maximum … Read more

Free ChatGPT app for Apple iPhone: OpenAI releases AI chatbot for iOS

2023-05-18 18:06:00 The official ChatGPT app for the Apple iPhone is completely ad-free. (Image: OpenAI) OpenAI has released an official ChatGPT app for the Apple iPhone. This allows the AI ​​chatbot to be used without any advertising or queues, which are common in third-party apps. An Android app will follow later. Opinion poll Take part … Read more

“How Sleep Phase Alarm Clocks Work: A Comprehensive Guide to Gentle Awakening”

2023-05-12 06:00:00 How does a sleep phase alarm clock work? A sleep cycle consists of different phases that differ in terms of Brain activity, muscle tone and heart rate differentiate. Generally, there are four to six sleep cycles per night, with each cycle lasting around 90 to 110 minutes. A typical cycle consists of: one … Read more