from hypersound to winged bombs (VIDEO)

Why do the Russian military use anti-ship missiles to attack ground targets in cities, in particular Kyiv? Ukrainian military expert, coordinator of the Information Resistance group Alexander Kovalenko believes that this is how Russia tests relatively new and not fully developed weapons in real combat conditions, and at the same time tests whether the Zircons … Read more

Microbiome tests sold to the public are not useful | Health & Wellness

In 1904, in a talk at the Pasteur Institute in Paris, Elie Metchnikoff, one of the fathers of modern immunology, put forward his idea that aging was caused by harmful bacteria that live in our intestines. To delay it, he recommended eating yogurt, a food with beneficial bacteria widely consumed in a region of Bulgaria … Read more

the correction of the tests is going well according to the Minister of Sports and his colleague from the Civil Service

Home » News » the correction of the tests is going well according to the Minister of Sports and his colleague from the Civil Service – February 27, 2024 The Minister of Culture, Youth, Sports and the Arts, Dr André-Jacques Augand, accompanied by his colleague from the public service Louise Boukandou Moussavou, today carried out … Read more

NMT-2024: all about the national multi-subject test

Photo: Entrants will take the test during one day in two stages, each of which will last two hours Preparations for the 2024 entry campaign are underway in Ukraine. The dates when future applicants will take the NMT are already known. There is also an explanation of what to do for students from the … Read more

The new GIN X e-bike with an integrated display has a long range and puncture-proof hybrid tires

2023-12-10 11:32:00 A 250 W motor from Bafang provides electric pedal assistance. It is combined with a “Tesla-grade” battery with 52 V and 666 Wh. According to the manufacturer, this is enough for a range of up to 150 miles on one battery charge, which corresponds to an impressive 240 km. Of course, as always, … Read more

Borderlands, Deus Ex… Video game giant Embracer lays off workers and cancels fifteen games

2023-11-21 22:51:06 The publisher has let go of a thousand employees since the start of its “restructuring plan”, which began at the end of September. However, it had purchased multiple licenses and development studios in recent years. This is the story of a video game publisher whose eyes were bigger than his stomach. The Swedish … Read more

Collector’s Vehicle Show Lyon: History of Peugeot, Talbot, Cadillac, and More

2023-11-03 08:31:27 AGENDA – On the menu for the 44th edition of this collector’s vehicle show which is being held in Lyon from November 10 to 12: the history of Peugeot, the Talbot and Cadillac sagas, and the entire world of automobiles and old motorcycle. The collector’s vehicle is not experiencing the crisis. The proof … Read more

Matter 1.2 standard brings white goods, robo vacuum cleaners and fans into the smart home

2023-10-23 17:25:00 Jobs We are expanding our news team and looking for tech enthusiasts to join our editorial team. Details Die Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA) hat den Smart home standard Matter 1.2 completed. As promised, it comes around six months after the last update and brings with it some large device categories – in the … Read more