Defending Champion Liaoning Men’s Basketball Team Suffers First Defeat of the Season: Fogg Scores 0, Morand Shoots 20%

2023-12-06 14:04:00 Original title: Fogg scored 0 points in the sports game and Morand scored 20% from the field and 74 points, which is by no means the normal level of the Liao basketball team. According to news on December 6, Beijing time, in today’s CBA regular season game, the defending champion Liaoning Men’s Basketball … Read more

Borderlands, Deus Ex… Video game giant Embracer lays off workers and cancels fifteen games

2023-11-21 22:51:06 The publisher has let go of a thousand employees since the start of its “restructuring plan”, which began at the end of September. However, it had purchased multiple licenses and development studios in recent years. This is the story of a video game publisher whose eyes were bigger than his stomach. The Swedish … Read more

Ukraine’s Ongoing Fight Against Russian Forces: Updates, Strategies, and Challenges

2023-11-08 17:57:18 Ukraine has a plan to continue fighting against Russian forces, despite difficulties with the ongoing counter-offensive and as Western leaders deal with the conflict in the Middle East. President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky talks about this stated at the conference. “We will try to show results this year. We don’t need to … Read more

Promoting Scientific Research in Neurology: The Achievements of Dr. Hà Thi Thanh Huong

2023-10-22 03:08:00 Passionate about scientific research in neurology, Doctor Hà Thi Thanh Huong has won numerous prestigious awards, the most recent being the 2023 “Golden Globe” Science and Technology Award. >> Promoting the role of the Vietnamese intelligentsia >> Overseas intellectuals, a treasure for the nation La Docteure Ha Thi Thanh Huong. Photo: NVCC/CVN Dr. … Read more

Remembering the Tragic Accident: A Story of Loss and Resilience

2023-09-23 17:40:00 The accident which occurred at this time last year had marked the whole of Belgium. On the night of Saturday September 24, 2022 to Sunday September 25, 2022, a car with six people on board violently hit a roundabout in Lier, in Flanders. Under the shock of the impact, the vehicle was catapulted … Read more

Live Raid by General Directorate of Narcotics Control: Arresting Drug Smugglers Caught in the Act – Watch the Exclusive Video on Al-Marsad Newspaper

2023-08-02 17:02:05 Al-Marsad Newspaper: A video clip published by the “Bill Lookout” program broadcast on the “Saudi Arabia” channel documented a live raid of the General Directorate of Narcotics Control, to arrest drug smugglers. The video showed that the security men monitored a drug smuggler preparing to deliver a quantity of drugs to another promoter, … Read more

Successful Operations and Continued Fight: Ninon and his Two Brothers’ Battle Against a Rare Disease

2023-07-25 13:57:00 Ninon and his two brothers, from Quiévrain, successfully operated on for a rare disease in Barcelona: the family continues their fight In March 2022, Ninon, from Quiévrain, suffering from a rare disease, was successfully operated on in Barcelona. Two months ago, her two brothers, Noa and Sasha, underwent the same operation. We take … Read more