Guardiola’s Self-Doubt: Manchester City’s Tactics and Hesitations Leading to Poor Performance

2023-12-17 01:20:00 Original title: Guardiola’s self-doubt: Manchester City may be 12 points behind after returning from the Club World Cup 2-2 Crystal Palace On December 17, before the final whistle sounded, it was the Crystal Palace team that was attacking desperately at the Etihad Stadium. It seemed that it was the London Blue Eagles who … Read more

The Departure of Shanghai Haigang’s Champion Coach: A Case of Low Emotional Intelligence

2023-12-15 02:32:00 Original title: Depth – Why the Chinese Super League champion coach cannot renew his contract. His low emotional intelligence has caused conflicts many times. On the evening of December 14th, Beijing time, Shanghai Haigang, the champion of the 2023 Chinese Super League, suddenly issued an announcement, announcing that it would not renew the … Read more

Wan-Bissaka: The Root Cause of Manchester United’s Decline | Champions League Elimination and Coaching Controversy

2023-12-13 03:51:00 Original title: Manchester United was eliminated from the Champions League group and the root cause of Manchester United’s decline can be found from Wan-Bissaka. According to news on December 13, Manchester United 0-1 Bayern and eliminated from the Champions League group stage. This is the fourth time in the past 12 years that … Read more

Austria vs. Hungary in 2024 IIHF Eishockey U20 WM Division IA: Match Recap and Schedule for Remaining Games

2023-12-11 20:55:05 Austria also started the game in the second World Cup match in Tüskecsarnok against hosts Hungary with goalie Benedikt Oschgan. The first few minutes were strange, Austria played almost entirely outnumbered, one minute of which was even a 3:5 defeat. Late in this phase, the Hungarians took advantage of their numerical superiority, László … Read more

Defending Champion Liaoning Men’s Basketball Team Suffers First Defeat of the Season: Fogg Scores 0, Morand Shoots 20%

2023-12-06 14:04:00 Original title: Fogg scored 0 points in the sports game and Morand scored 20% from the field and 74 points, which is by no means the normal level of the Liao basketball team. According to news on December 6, Beijing time, in today’s CBA regular season game, the defending champion Liaoning Men’s Basketball … Read more

Haliburton’s Historic Triple-Double and Mid-Season Championship Quarter-Finals Recap

2023-12-05 03:28:00 2023-12-05 11:28 Source: NBA wide angle Published in: Beijing Original title: Killing is heartbreaking! Haliburton revealed that he had difficulty breathing during the game and used an oxygen inhaler at midfield On December 5, Beijing time, in the quarter-finals of the NBA Mid-Season Championship, the Pacers defeated the Celtics 122-112 and advanced to … Read more

IIHF Mandate for Senior Category Neck Protection: Supply Updates and Recommendations

2023-12-04 21:01:55 The exact date of entry into force of this mandate for the senior categories will depend on the supply situation. The IIHF remains in close contact with its suppliers to ensure they are able to meet the current high demand. Until the rule officially comes into effect, the IIHF strongly recommends that all … Read more

Napoli vs Inter Milan Preview: Serie A Showdown and Match Highlights

2023-12-03 08:24:00 Original title: Napoli vs Inter Milan Preview: Oun Metz PK Lautaro Napoli competes for the Four Inter Milan title At 03:45 in the morning on December 4th, Beijing time, the 14th round of Serie A ushered in a focus battle. Naples faced Inter Milan at home. Napoli vs. Inter Milan, highlights of the … Read more