Dealing with Unreasonable Customer Demands: A Manga Story of Customer Service Challenges and Solutions

2023-09-30 07:00:16

In the service industry and customer service industry, interaction with customers is important. However, sometimes customers make “unreasonable demands” and we get confused… This time, we will be bringing you a shocking scene from the popular manga “Mobile Shops Are Full of Complaints” by Harapekomonrrow (@harapekomonrrow). A customer who makes selfish demands… A store manager at a smartphone repair shop was asked by a customer to replace the battery of a smartphone that was not eligible for repair. She was confused by the customer who was not convinced even though she explained that they did not have the necessary equipment for repairs, when her husband made a proposal…? Where is the repair shop located? The repair shop is located in Hiroshima…When the customer was about to take the item to the repair shop, he learned that the factory was located in Hiroshima, and was confused by how far away it was. In the end, she gave up on going to a repair shop and decided to have her phone repaired at the store where she bought it… Readers of this manga say, “It’s difficult to explain because the amount of understanding varies from customer to customer. “It was refreshing to see the staff refute the nonsense that came from selfish thoughts.” “Mobile phone repair often takes time. There’s nothing you can do about it if you force it, and that’s the common rule, so you’ll just have to wait. At work, I get extremely tired when I meet people like this who only think about themselves. ”We received many comments expressing sympathy for store staff who have difficulty dealing with complaints. Giving up on taking the smartphone to the factory… In the story that follows, the customer gives up on going to the repair factory and decides to have the smartphone repaired at the store where he purchased it. It’s hard to have customers who are too logical…how would you deal with a situation like this? (MOREDOOR Editorial Department) (Illustration/@harapekomonrrow) *The images in this text have been given permission to be published by the poster. *The information in the article, including the author’s name, is current at the time of article creation. ▶Customer makes an “unreasonable” complaint to a mobile phone shop → The shop clerk’s “solution” successfully settles the case![Mobile shops are full of complaints]▶ “Are you pregnant?” My daughter became pregnant in her second year of high school… → Her mother fainted due to her “unexpected partner”! ▶[Counterattack]“Are you cheating on me?” When you ask your husband in front of your “stepparents”… your husband has nowhere to escape…[Counterattack against the worst husband]

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