What kind of Mr. Pepsis is this?! Balvi mother horrified by children’s coloring book

A mother from Balvi was surprised that one of the characters in the Trolls children’s coloring book is called Mr. Pepsis.

“What kind of Mr. Pepsis is this?” This is fine? This book is intended for a child, how can you write something like that?! Could you ask the publisher what they were thinking when they wrote this?” the woman is indignant.

In fact, Mr. Pepsis is a small greenish-yellow worm with pink stripes, purple eyes, blue lips and a dark green top hat from the cartoon Trolls 3, which premiered in 2023.

Looking in the dictionary, the word pipsis in Latvian has two meanings. One interpretation is that it is a local word for a blister on the tongue, or it is an avian disease that appears as a hardening of the tip of the tongue, like a chicken’s. The second meaning is the penis.

Linguist Evelina Zilgalve adds that pipsis also means something small. She notes that in the original language the character’s name is “Mr. Dinkle”, which means male penis in Latvian.

E. Zilgalve believes that the word pipsis is quite neutral for the name of a specific character.

The publisher of the coloring book is “Zvaigzne ABC”, its representative Kristine Ilzina explains that they do not have the right to change the name Pipsis, since the contract does not allow this.

At the same time, without seeing anything obscene.

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2024-05-07 17:46:41

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