Severe Allergic Reaction from Hair Braids: A Mother’s Horrifying Experience & Road to Recovery

2023-08-07 14:00:00

New cut not for a new life but for the holidays. When she strolled through a Vendée market last July, Mariella de Bassenge was tempted by braids.

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The braids laid, the young woman is already complaining of severe pain. “I thought it was normal since everyone says it hurts a little,” she says in information developed by RTL info on Monday. What was a little less normal was the headache and itching which got worse as the days went by. After two horrible nights, Mariella makes the decision to remove her braids.

She was far from imagining that another problem would arise the next morning. “It was my son who saw me because I was getting out of bed and who said to me mum, my God, what is happening? Your head is deformed, ”says the young mother.

Her face swollen and deformed, she went to a medical center which made the diagnosis: Mariella had a strong allergic reaction to the product used to make her braids.

Despite antihistamines, the Belgian’s situation did not improve (in addition to the reaction, a bacterium probably entered her scalp). On sick leave for two weeks, she is now better but still suffers from a very swollen face. “When I sent photos, people thought it was a filter. My family was shocked (…) It’s horrible”.

Fortunately, Mariella should recover a normal face with care and rest.

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