Man Dies Under Suspicious Circumstances on Public Highway in Zomergem: Investigation Launched

2023-10-11 12:20:46

A man died on the public highway during the night from Tuesday to Wednesday in Zomergem. The East Flanders public prosecutor’s office opened an investigation due to the suspicious circumstances of the death and appointed a forensic doctor to determine the causes.

According to the sources of our colleagues at HLN, it concerns a burglar who was on the run and who was probably the victim of discomfort due to the effort. Mayor Kim Martens (CD&V) confirms this reasoning: “The man was out of breath after his escape attempt when the police arrived on the scene.”

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The man was found on a street, Durmstraat, in Zomergem. Emergency services attempted to resuscitate him but death was confirmed around 2 a.m. The burglar had been caught in the act earlier in the night during an attempted burglary in Hulsemstraat, several sources told our editorial staff. “The person then fled through the fields,” said Mayor Kim Martens (CD&V). “From what I heard, he is a man of Romanian nationality.

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One of the residents chased the man, but only to stop him. So far there is no indication of violence towards the burglar. “The man was out of breath, probably from exertion, when police arrived at the scene. A little later, he lost consciousness. Emergency services tried to resuscitate him again, but to no avail.

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