Recruitment difficulties have doubled in eight years

2023-12-19 17:48:44 The phenomenon concerns the entire territory and all professions, to varying degrees. In eight years, recruitment difficulties have doubled in Pays-de-la-Loire, notes an INSEE study published this Tuesday. Among the 205,000 recruitment projects anticipated in 2023, “69% are considered difficult by employers in the region, compared to 37% eight years earlier,” indicates the … Read more

The Cost of Lies in the Workplace: Unveiling the Reality Behind Public Promises

2023-12-17 18:26:23 Lying can be very costly. Comugnero Silvana / A smokescreen. This is sometimes the harsh reality behind ambitious and positive promises made in public, for reputation and the employer brand. Explanations. ““Do as I say, but don’t do as I do.” Everyone knows this sentence which has become a French proverb. It … Read more

What if Santa brought a gift… a job?

2023-12-05 16:18:53 On December 6 at the Cerisaie village hall in Tavers (Loiret), a Christmas market like no other will take place. While some end-of-year treats and artisanal products will be present, job seekers will also be invited to introduce themselves and submit their CVs in a festive setting. At the origin of this innovative … Read more

Human Resources Assistant: Recruitment

2023-11-21 10:28:11 The Human Resources (HR) assistant plays a versatile and crucial role in supporting staff and implementing HR policies within an institution. Responsibilities include managing recruitment, professional development of employees, maintaining a healthy work environment, and promoting collaboration within the company. Each article in our series will delve deeper into one of the responsibilities … Read more

“Working for the Games only happens once”: 2,000 positions are still to be filled for the Olympics

2023-11-20 09:34:07 “It happens once in a lifetime to be able to be at the heart of the Olympic Games in France. This is the opportunity to embark on an exhilarating human adventure in the spotlight. These are not jobs like any other, because these people will learn a lot by making complex things simple. … Read more

Managing Inflation, Tax Reforms, and Artificial Intelligence in Belgium – Insights from Bruno Colmant

2023-10-30 07:45:00 Furthermore, Bruno Colmant recalls that Belgium is a country which “consumes more energy than other countries”. Inflation forecast for 2024 therefore risks impacting Belgians’ portfolios. A considerable barrier remains the indexation of salaries but some are raising the idea of ​​giving it up. For Bruno Colmant, this is not a solution: “The idea … Read more

Paramedical recruitment: Ramsay Santé signs a partnership with Croix-Rouge Compétence

2023-10-24 15:42:26 Ramsay Santé, leader in private hospitalization and primary care in France and Europe, is positioning itself as a learning company thanks to the signing, on October 6, of a major partnership with one of the most large networks of schools for paramedical professions: Croix-Rouge Compétence, training sector of the French Red Cross. In … Read more