Patras: Three Departments with only 9 professors – 2024-03-30 20:59:13

At least three departments of the University of Patras have only nine members of Teaching and Research Staff. At the same time, the admitted students in these Departments are more than 200.

According to the information given to us by rector of the University of Patras, Christos Bourasare the Departments: Physiotherapy, Speech Therapy and Nursings. They are its three Departments School of Health Rehabilitation Sciences.

At the same time, we remind you that the issue of staffing the Medical Department remains openwhich is already at the limits of its function. The leadership of the Ministry of Health has not yet given any answer to protest of the senate about the unequal distribution of the 270 ESY positions who converted to faculty positions. We remind you that only 15 were given to the University of Patras and the senate requested at least another 15 to deal with the difficult situation in which the PGNP has fallen. For the record, in 2010, 156 faculty members served in this Department, while today there are 113.

«You realize what it means to run a department with 9, 10 or 11 faculty members. How to cover their curriculum? It is a very serious problem, which the State must deal with immediately, so that no Department operates with less than 154 faculty members”.

This is one of the issues he is going to raise Mr. Bouras in the personal meetings he has requested with the deputies of the region.

“It’s been four months I have sent the University’s development plan to all MPs, but no one showed interest. The day before yesterday I came back and with my letter I request a personal meeting with everyone, in order as the rector’s authority to inform them about all our issues, to discuss with them the development plan and of course to ask for their assistance in supporting our University” notes Mr. Buras.
He emphasizes that in addition to staffing, there is also a major building issue. “We have the Departments of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences without buildings. They have been operating for years and are an important asset for our University. Is it possible that they don’t have buildings of their own? Our elected officials must see all this and act.”

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